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SDChickie, I'm a bit south of you near Yankton. Do you do Ideal Weigh or another place? We have Ideal Weigh in Yankton but since all our coaches who were RNs quit (not sure but I think it had to do with them caring more for their clients than money) and the new coaches are not medical in any way, I've pretty much quit going there. I'm on phase 4 anyway so I can get the support I need from here.
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Originally Posted by bubbleblower View Post
Woohoo!!! Update to previous update! My son and his GF just got back from their Christmas morning dive. She was completing her advanced certification and they were on their safety stop from the dive when he pulled out a beautiful engagement ring and put it on her finger. They're both just beaming!!
It sounds like a wonderful family Christmas! Congratulations
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I do go to Ideal Weigh. LOVE my coach... she's a marathon runner and is very supportive of my desire, or more accurately my need, to exercise. We've also talked a lot about Phase 4 as I know of a couple of people who have done IP and have gained all of the weight back. (Yes, they were kind enough to share that with me as I was starting out... thanks for the support, jackwagons!) My coach said that she believes there are two main reasons why some successfully maintain when others put the weight back on. The ones who succeed: 1) have come to the understanding that this is a LIFETIME lifestyle change and have successfully changed their habits and perceptions of food; and 2) continue to come in for regular (eventually changing from weekly to biweekly to monthly) weigh-ins/check-ins for at least a year. She highly recommends those regular check-ins to not only have the accountability, but also to discuss potential concerns or stumbling blocks. There is no cost unless I choose to buy some additional IP products for Phase 1 days, so really, that's a year of free coaching. I see no downside there! Of course, there's a measure of accountability on this site, too, and there is most DEFINITELY support here... but I like having the on-site accountability. If I just dropped off of the 3fc site, no one would necessarily notice or know how to come find me. My coach would definitely follow up if I missed a scheduled appointment or just quit scheduling appointments. I know I am blessed to have the awesome coach that I have!
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I'm glad Ideal Weigh is working for you. My original plan was to stick with it for the year however, I get so crabby everytime I show up I decided it wasn't worth it. I'm pretty sure no one will call me if I don't show up again. The Yankton office is a mess. I talked with the old receptionist the other day, she said she offered to stay on for 2 weeks to help with the transition to all new staff, but that was denied. The new receptionist didn't know how to run my credit card her first week and completely messed up the schedule for weeks! The way I got in was to complain to the owner, after that they made sure they got me in, even if 4 people were scheduled to meet with the one coach at the same time.

I would recommend IP to everyone, but I'd recommend Yankton's IW to NO ONE!
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I have come to the conclusion that quitting bad food is like giving up smoking. Once you quiet smoking if you have one cigarette you start smoking again. Soo with my cheating (going on a break for a week) I have found that I still cannot control my portion intake. I can't have just one cookie......So the good thing is that I always told myself if i could quit smoking i could do ANYTHING. I stay away from cigarettes and I know I will have to stay away from temptations as much as possible. But I am ok when I am near temptation as long as I don't take that first bite!
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Congrats to everyone who stayed on program despite the temptations of the season!

I didn't quite make it, but what I had was purposeful and planned. I'm ok with it, and back 100% from here on in!
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Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I managed to stay OP. Now, if I could just remember how to update the photos without it taking me an hour! Then, when I get it to work, I think, that wasn't so hard....I'll remember next time! Back to work tomorrow....
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I had WI #13 today and I have to thank Santa for what he brought me ~ 3.2 lb loss! That's my best loss since my 1st week so I'm extremely pleased! I'm proud that I stayed OP for Christmas and have no plans of making any changes to that. Journey on.

Merry Christmas!
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Fam4me- you look marvelous!
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