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scorbett1103 12-21-2012 11:18 PM


Originally Posted by PepperTown (Post 4562421)
Speaking of 'regularity', I am constipated. I spoke to my clinic about it and they wanted to sell me a Fibre-based constipation supplement which costs $50.00 !!! I went to a pharmacy and bought a less expensive brand, but it doesn't help.
What to do???

Don't waste your money on the Novi Cleanse, it's mostly just psyllium husks which you can buy super cheap at the health stores. It just adds dietary (undigestible) fiber to your system to help scrub out your insides :) Metamucil or other over-the-counter fiber supplement works pretty much the same way, and if you look for diabetic-safe (sugar free) versions they will be OK on IP.

A few other things that have worked:
-Smooth Move tea (or other Senna teas). They tend to be pretty gentle on the system, I have a cup most mornings. The key to senna teas is making sure they steep long enough - I usually put the tea bag in a cup of hot tap water, get my kids ready for school (about 1/2 hour process), then I heat it up in the microwave.

-Colace (pill) - it is a stool softener, not a laxative, and safe to use every day while you're on the diet.

-Miralax - also a stool softener, it is what doctors usually prescribe for patients that are backed up. I have had to use it a few times on IP when the Smooth Move tea isn't doing the trick.

-Magnesium Citrate - this is a LAST RESORT remedy. It is pretty much lightning in a bottle, but it can dehydrate you VERY quickly so you have to be careful using it. It works, but it's not very gentle.

-Plenty of water, oil every day (do not count oil used in cooking towards your daily 1-2 tsp), and all of your veggies. On a diet this restrictive, you need every bit of fiber from the veggies, and every bit of fat from the oil that you are allowed to keep things moving.

Good luck!

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