I'm Back!!! Using Proti products instead of IP.

  • Okay, so I was here before, lost my weight on IP. Loved the new me. Then 18 months later, I'm back where I started. It was a slow gain, but a gain none the less. As discouraging & frustrating that it is... I've got to get the weight off & keep it off! My issue last time was I stopped going to my coach because towards the end they were converting to the Proti products. Is that common??? I see a lot of people out here who report the same thing. I didn't follow the plan through Phase 4, so I didn't develop good maintenance skills... Thought I could do it on my own.... Wrong....
    Anyhow, here I am... Any tips on the Proti foods? Do they taste the same? Pros or cons? I can order Proti myself & there isn't another dr. In my area that sells IP... So Proti it is....
  • Hi, I use the protidiet foods and like them very much. I noticed several people saying their clinics were changing over to protidiet. I am very curious if they are lowering their prices when they do that?

    As for tips for you to oder yourself, you will find it is very similiar to picking your IP food and shouldn't be a problem. The only thing I found was that they didn't work as well in the recipes posted here, the IP stuff is better for that.
  • A few clinics here changed and I talked to one lady she said most people stay on IP three months, after that its too much of a drain on their budget. So they dropped IP, and kept their clients, everyone was happier. One lady, a coach of Swann gym told me there is a lot of pressure on them to sell sell sell, and each time they order supplies they pay a big shipping fee, its really hard for them to make money. When they switch they order large amounts and get free shipping etc.
    Also their clients enjoy most of the taste better. Some items are pretty much the same. The only thing she still sells was the vitamins, she said she couldnt find exactly the same things, and she feels that was so important so we dont miss any vitamins.