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I see the original post was back in December, but obviously this is a valid issue for many of us right now. Me included. I too am interested in these books. Also was wondering if anyone has read The Power and The Secret. By some Australian author.... I know one is about turning negative thinking to positive and that is something I need to work on.
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Started IP 1/21/13
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Originally Posted by libertybelle View Post
I am so sorry you are experiencing this.

I know we each have our own story to tell, but please let me share the little I have learned.

Remember your beautiful progress!!! It is amazing and impressive and I bet you thought you could never do it! But you did! Gosh, how so many hope to be there! You are an inspiration!!!

You don't have to change the next year, month, week, or day, or even hour. Just the next moment.

You are worth the effort to change the next moment.

Treat yourself with the same respect and love and caring that your would treat whomever you most love in the world.

Do not harm yourself with food. You are worth too much to allow any harm to yourself!

Remember, in a sense, how you treat yourself is how you are telling others it is okay to treat you.

It only takes a moment. Just one. Just get through that one with every ploy and trick you used in the past, and try some new ones!

Let us help you!

YOU CAN DO THIS! Just look at your numbers, your pics! You already know how...
Wow, this is beautiful, I think I'm going to print this and read it everyday!
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Not giving up!
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Oh wow, I can't believe I stumbled upon this old thread. kellycg102 your experience is so similar to mine. I joined MRC, which is a low-cal, low-carb, high-protein diet. I think I really screwed up my body.
Originally Posted by kellycg102 View Post
...I was the smallest I had ever been, loving the compliments, finally felt comfortable in my skin for the most part
I too got smaller than I'd ever been and I loved it. I had always dreamed of being thin and I finally, finally was!

Originally Posted by kellycg102 View Post
Then I phased off.....then the binging started.....but so much worse then I ever was.
I had my first binge just four days after phasing off. I was shocked at how sick I felt and how much I continued to eat. And the weight gain from one day of overeating was shocking! I looked like I was five months pregnant.

Originally Posted by kellycg102 View Post
Before IP I had always been somewhat of a binger....never 2 cookies, always a row and a half, love fast food and so on...
Me too - obviously I didn't get to nearly 200 lbs by not being an overeater to begin with.

Originally Posted by kellycg102 View Post
IP was the longest diet I have ever followed 100% for a length of time....Being on IP for like 25 weeks or so then phasing off I lost complete control and now my binging is so much the point that I am eating when I am completely full still and can't reason with myself why I shouldn't eat 3 donuts or fast food 3x a day.
MRC was the longest I'd ever followed a diet 100% as well. Also about 25 weeks (6 months). I lost 60lbs. I know I'm not eating because I'm hungry - I just feel absolutely driven to overeat. All I can think about are what treats/junk food can I get to today. My life is revolving around it.

Originally Posted by kellycg102 View Post
If I "allow" myself to eat something off plan it is all or nothing and then it turns into eating as much of everything before tomorrow comes.
Yep, all my binges start by "allowing" myself to eat something off plan. I should be able to handle a meal at someone elses house every now and then, and everyone around me kept telling me to relax and that I look fine. But each time I tried to relax, it would trigger another night of binge eating. But each time it happened, it took me longer and longer to get back on plan. I kept thinking of more types of junk food I wanted to be sure to eat before I went back to eating healthy.

Originally Posted by kellycg102 View Post
I truly thought losing all the weight I would do the right thing and maintain...
I know! I kept seeing and hearing other people at the center who were back because they'd gained all the weight back. I though no way, not me. I've never been this thin before and I did this diet so successfully, I'll never give this up.

Originally Posted by kellycg102 View Post
Now all I think of is what people are saying about my very quick weight gain....
I'm so embarrassed of this too - very difficult to go out. Want to avoid seeing people who knew how thin I'd gotten and will see how quickly I put it all back on.

A gal on the MRC subforum here recommended the book "The Diet Cure" by Julia Ross. In this thread someone already brought up her book "The Mood Cure". Same concept only specifically related to the damage we do with our low calorie diets, or diets of highly processed foods, etc. The chapter on low calorie dieting seems to fit with what happened to me with MRC - why my binging has been so much worse since finishing that program. She says the the yo-yo dieting happens because the low calorie diets mess up our brain chemistry. So when we try the carbs or junk food again, it's like crack for our brains. She says proper brain chemistry can be restored so that's what I'm going to try and am praying it works. Even if I never get as thin again as I did on the MRC plan, I can't keep living like this - constantly seeking my next high from food and getting fatter every day.
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As an alternative, even if slow paced, I really urge you to look at precision nutritions lean eater program. I am really liking it.
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It's a very expensive program though! $99 down and $99 a month. What type of foods do you eat?
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