Phase 4 Guidelines??

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  • Quote: Nuts I can see as a fat, but cheese and milk depends on whether it's fat free. Fat free greek yogurt is a protein to me, not a fat. Same with low fat cheese. More protein than fat.

    I went to some online calculators that were recommended by a friend and also myfitnesspal app. I plugged in maintain my current weight and it gave me a breakdown of daily suggested calorie count, and fat, carb, and protein. I know that IP likes less than 140-150 total carbs a day, and 1/2 my body weight in protein, so I am planning on those gms instead of the calculator. But the calorie guideline is on target.

    I start P4 TOMORROW!!!! Woohoo!!!! I am soooo ready for unlimited veggies and any veggie I choose!!! But I will mostly do P3 with a little modification X 5 days, Fun day X 1 day, then P1 day. Rinse, and repeat! For life!
    Have a great weekend, peeps!
    Quote: Thanks, Fitgirl!!! I'm proud of myself. I lost the healthy weight Ken after quitting smoking 21 years ago, and it feels good to find him again, and lose the pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea!! Couldn't have done it without the support of great folks like you and the others here at 3FC!!!
    Have a great weekend and thanks again!
    Congrats to you!!!