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Default What Are You WEARING Today IPeeps?

Thought it would be fun to start a thread to show off all of the new outfits that IP is just FORCING US to downsize to!

For reference, before IP I started in
Top: size XL (tight)/XXL
Jeans: tight size 16 Old Navy Dreamer Bootcut Jeans (in denial about size 18/20 I am sure, I ripped denim seams)

Today I am wearing:
Shirt: The Limited, size Small - bought this weekend
Jeans: Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny, size 2 - bought when I reached goal
Boots: Victorias Secret - bought over 10 years ago and could never fit them over my calves...they zipped - and over the jeans!!!

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You look great Liz! Can't wait until I am at goal.

Today I am wearing a pair of size 12 pants that I bought last week. They are already feeling a little loose.
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Started IP 5/9/12
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Size 14/L, and they're a little loose! Was a tight size 20 when I started this journey. Having so much fun shopping the whole store instead of just the "women's" department.
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fantastic idea!

You look fantastic! congrats on all of your hard work!

I am actually wearing a shirt that was given to me by a friend who started IP before me. I have been waiting almost 50 pounds for it to fit.
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Started IP 7/9/12
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Originally Posted by Onyxmom View Post
Having so much fun shopping the whole store instead of just the "women's" department.
I'm really enjoying that also!
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You look great, Lizz! I can't wait to get to goal. You and I are the same height and started out at similar weight, so whenever I see new photos of you, it is so motivating for me to stay 100% and keep going! Thanks!
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This is ME today, size 16 Lei jeans and my top is an XL, getttin to big for I was in a 5X Men's polo and a size 36 pant!
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My pic at the bottom is what I wish I was wearing. The dress for my daughters' wedding next year.
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began IP May 25
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Cool thread idea!

Started IP in a tight 18 pants and starting to buy 2XL tops. Today...size 8 Worthington slacks and a medium turtleneck (a lot of my tops are smalls though!).

Will take a pic later and try to load...
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Keeping it real!
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Can't get a good pic at work!

Tan pencil Express skirt size 6
Black Loft turtleneck - medium
High black leather 5" boots ... killer!
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Started IP 6/14/12
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Fun thread!!

Before IP: 22W or 2X pants; XL tops

Today: S or M form fitted tops!
Size 12 jeans. Some 14 jeans that are cut small, but they are getting loose.

I never, ever put my clothes into the dryer, for fear they would shrink and I'd be embarrassed. Now I put all my clothes into the dryer so that they will shrink and look better on me!

As for boots, I'm in the process of shopping for my first pair of boots that are knee-high. I never had a pair because they never went up over my calves. I'm really excited that I will get a pair this season. In fact, my daughters are buying them for me as a present!
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As I am home from work no one wants to see me in my too big bills t shirt and size 4 lulu pants! But I'm glad they fit!!!

I had the same boot experience. Shocking how even your calves can shrink!
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My scrub pants are 2x. Today I grabbed a pair of XL's and decided to try them on. Very comfy. I do have lee-way because of the design of the pockets, but I am shocked I they even came past my thighs. I am not ready to buy new scrubs, I am hoping to wait until after the Holidays.
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No pic to show, but I found a pair of jeans in a pile of clothes I haven't looked at for awhile. They're actually a size smaller than the jeans I have been wearing. They fit pretty good!

I also added another pair of jeans to my pile of stuff that's too big and will be donated
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Started as a XL shirt and tight 16 pant.

This weekend I went shopping and got S/M shirts and size 10 pants...and today I bought a new bra that was 4 inches smaller on that band! The lady was like "what was the point of wearing this thing, you can fit two of you in that"

Good day indeed!
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