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Height: 5"3


I had lost a gained a bit thoughout the years but have always been fat. I was getting frustrated and hated myself but was a HUGE emotional/stress eater. (I struggle with this daily)

I knew a couple of people on IP but was afraid of the cost. I work with scorbett and I saw how fabulous she looked. At the time, I was closerthanthis to gastric bypass. Surgery, however,didn't feel right. I thought the money ($500- not including co-pays) and time off from work were expensive so why not give 'dieting' one last go. TG I tried. 36lbs to go now!!
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I started getting menapausal symptons, felt like I was 7 months pregnant, or looked that way, decided I needed to gain control of my body before it got
Now I'm so happy I did, never felt better, even hot flashes are not as bad.
A friend was doing IP and having great success, so decided to go with it!
Best idea ever!!!

Now to maintain, summer is hardest for me, we are boaters, lots of happy hours and good food around, but I'm determined to stay focused and exercise too.

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I have struggled with my weight since highschool and then I started college in the freshman 15 happened within the first year at the end of freshman year I weighed in at 205. I said I would never let myself get to 210 and I did within the next year kept gaining. In February 2011 I lost my grandmother and continued to gain weight not really caring about it. I was able to lose 9 pds in 2011 but still wasnt happy. I got in a relationship and was the happiest I've ever been and managed to lose more weight. In January 2013 the relationship ended I gained weight due to depression and was at the dreaded 230. In May 2013 I finally decided I have to do something or I will continue to get bigger and have problems, heart issues run in my family and I needed to have some self confidence in myself which I always lacked. I joined on May 21 although it's only been 3 weeks I am excited about my sucess so far and how fast the weight is coming off. The 1st week I lost a total of 7pds and that was through a birthday and a vacation, 2nd week I lost only 1.8 but I weigh in tomorrow and will see how it goes tomorrow but am confident I will have success on this diet.
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I've always been heavy/fat/chubby/large whatever you wanna call it...since i was in my teens. Its not be a fun life...and the older i get, the more i feel like i'm missing out on stuff or avoiding fun things in life b/c of my weight. Honestly, i just hate myself, and maybe always have.

That being said, i've tried to lose weight for most of my a fairly healthy eater...its just my sugar addiction that really gets in my way. I've tried everything....and can have considerable will power...but as another poster said...when you are busting your butt to lose weight and see a 1 pound loss in a couple of months...well its very demoralizing.

I had heard about IP 1 year before starting it...when i first heard of sounded just like another BS medifast, or nutrisystem crap program. After seeing a co-worker lose 50lbs in a few months, i figured i needed to re-investigate this program. and im so happy i did....I'm losing weight, easily for the first time in my life (its not as fast as i would hope but meh its still a downward trend and that's all that matters) This program works, and i miss nothing...I've got a long long road ahead of me, but this is a life long journey now...
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Started IP 6/21/2013
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I had no idea I was this big... Every time I saw a picture I looked GIGANTIC, nothing like what I thought I looked like. My mother was always bigger, and I realized that at 30 years old I was bigger than she ever was. At the same time, she lost a huge amount of weight and suddenly I couldn't deny it anymore, I was the biggest person in the family.
All of that wasn't enough to motivate me to do something drastic. W/in the last few years I was diagnosed with a non-functioning thyroid and some insulin resistant issues (PCOS) which were all causing fertility issues. My doctor told me point blank I wouldn't likely get pregnant until I lost weight, and if I couldn't do it on my own in the next year she would recommend I go to a fertility specialist. It was the shock I needed. My own bad habits were keeping me from having a baby, supposedly what I wanted - but I wasn't acting like it. She told me many of her patients had good luck on the Ideal Protein diet and we pulled up the website right in her office.
I joined a few weeks later and lost 10% of my body weight in only 5 weeks. I feel amazing. Several people at work are talking about joining after seeing my results, and work and my family have been really supportive. I feel great, but I am really starting to think (and worry) about long term. P1 is great, practically a no-brainer, but I don't want to struggle with this for the rest of my life. I need to find the balance that works for me and invest in myself every day... much easier said than done.
Good luck everyone. Your stories are very inspiring.
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