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  • Quote: Maezy1, we're going to Bayou Country Fest too! Wish they'd have it during a cooler time of the year, though. Gets HOT!
    Are you going to both days too!!!!! We can meet up there and get to meet!
  • I want to join, too!!!
  • Quote: Are you going to both days too!!!!! We can meet up there and get to meet!
    Yep - both days!!!
  • My BF was in Plaquemine a couple of days ago on business, and stopped in a local restaurant (I don't know the name) and on the menu were "Ideal Protein Diet" selections!!!!!!!! Have any of you seen other places with this? I would love to know where!
  • Quote: Hey, I'd like to say a little about myself. Married 28 years with two sons 26 and 21. My family and I love the outdoors. We camp fish hunt just about all year. I've been overweight all of my married life except for the first year. Since then I've otter bigger and bigger. I started at 281 lbs and a size 26 w. I'm down to 203 and a size 18 ladies. The last 3 months we've been camping every weekend and I've been maintaining. I lose 2 lbs during the week only to gain it back on the weekend. But that's ok because I knew I would have a hard time during hunting season at the camp. I'm hoping to lose 37 more lbs.

    I'm doing the dukan diet. I know it's not ideal protein like the rest of you but I wanted to join your group cuz your in louisiana. If that's ok.

    Of course you can join us!!...we are all on the same path.....that is all that matters!!!
  • Hi everyone! I'm not on IP but I see there are alot of locals here and I was just wondering if I could pop in from time to time!

    My name is Desiree and I'm from B.R. I've been married for 8 years now to my wonderful hubby, Chris and I have one daughter, Devyn, from a previous marriage. I work in the IT field and it's mostly sedantary so I've got to do something to keep my health in check. I was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder about 4 years ago so my health really needs to be my main focus. I've lost about 15 pounds so far from my all time high and about 11 since I started actively trying again since November. I'm just basically trying to stick to around 1200 calories and either hit the local Y for the elliptical machines and also rotate in some C25K running. I'm also using MFP to log my food and exercises and I've found that that is helping me tremendously.

    Anyway, I'm excited to be here! Looking forward to getting to know you guys!
  • Where did everybody go?
  • I'm here Who. Recently restarted.
  • I'm from Southaven,MS .....have been on IP for four weeks, would love to join this group!
  • I did I.P. for two months and lost almost twenty pounds, but some major life changes have been happening, so I went off plan...

    But I'm back and ready to restart! I have a big move coming up in the summer and I'd like to be much closer to my goal by then!

    Things have gotten very quiet since I was last here! We need to revive the LA/MS thread!
  • Still here!!! Working the program well. getting so close to ONEDERLAND and now my losses are slowing. I wanted to be there by the end of February. I will be lacking 1-2 lbs from this goal....ugh.....but I will get there even it if is in March!!!
  • You'll get there maezy!! Your so close i'm sure it's killing you but you'll be there before you know it!!

    I have 50 lbs until goal and that seems like it will be a lifetime away but I know if I stick with it i'll be there before I know it and will be mad I waited as long as I did!
  • Hello MS/LA family!!!! I may be located in California, but I will always be a Mississippi Southern Belle at heart. Just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you all know that I am cheering for all of you on your journey to better health.

  • Hi i'm from Louisiana too!! Would love to chat with ya'll!! I am on day 5, 100% ip, doing great so far. loving this forum!!
  • Really great to find so many people close to home working this program! I am currently in Laurel, MS but was raised in Hammond, LA and go back to LA frequently. Today is day 2 on alternatives. Have a wonderful day!!