• How do you manage to stick to the diet when your sick?? I am coming down with a cold and I want nothing more than to not eat.. =( My throats sore so I drank some coffee this morning for the first time in like a year with some splenda and flavored creamer (probably a bad idea but I wanted something warm on m throat and I cant stand coffee without it). So how do you stick to it and not cheat??
  • I'm not really gonna be helpful I'm super sick right now and ate a bag of chips I did manage to excercise and get out for a walk
    I'm looking for some ideas to stay on track for today. Hopefully someone comments that can help you and I, get better soon!
  • Hot water with lemon you can also throw some splenda in the hot water to make it sweet...generally I don' can get cold medication that doesn't have sugar.

    I just had a sinus infection...during a three day reboot after a vacation...(but I was also sick during my initial Phase 1) and used some throat lozenges that were sweetened with sucralose...also found some Cepacol lozenges that temporarily numbed my throat, they were also sweetened with sucralose. I only needed 4 a day to get me through the day. They can add to the carbs in a day, but when you have a sore throat and you're having a hard time do what needs to be done but you can still make good choices.

    Stick to it as close as you can, the longer you are in ketosis the deeper you get, the easier it becomes. Having the extras cause "I'm sick" is another way of rewarding yourself with food. (Sorry for the tough love - it was said to me too once). Remember why you wanted to do this in the first place and realize that to get what you have to power through some stuff. Don't let being sick be your life will always throw you curve balls - the list will help you keep on track when you're struggling (everyone struggles). (I have a list of reasons why I wanted to lose weight and what's better about my life now that I've lost weight - just pointed out I followed my own advice lol).

    Hope you both feel better soon!
  • I was just sick for a week and a half with Strep Throat. I couldn't eat my protein because i couldn't swallow i just had a lot of soup so i gained 3 pounds. My coach said when on antibiotics it is normal to gain weight. Also with all the soup i been drinking i am way bloated. My couch told me it is better to nurse back to health then be 100% on the diet so when i get back to it i wont feel so sick. I been back on the diet 100% now and off antibiotics! But with me i couldn't swallow and i didn't want to eat either. But its been 3 days since i been off antibiotics and i lost 5 pounds so just work through your sickness and get right back on it!
  • If you can tolerate soups and shakes, you can make a pureed veggie soup for your veg and add lite silken tofu to an IP shake in a blender.I've been adding some tofu to my shakes and it makes them SO rich and creamy. It might feel nice on your throat.
  • When I was on P1 last year, I also got strep throat. I made the chocolate drink (powder) hot and had it as hot chocolate. I also made my own chicken soup broth.

    Take any kind of chicken that is on the bone. Put it in a big soup pot and cover chicken with water. Boil chicken for about 1 hour. Remove chicken from broth and let cool. While chicken is cooling, put broth back on heat and add leeks and celery. Add in some spices and salt & pepper and sprinkle in a bit of tumeric to get that yellow coloring. Once chicken is cool enough to handle, start removing the meat from the bone and adding back into the stock. Let boil for another 1-2 hours.

    Even if you can't manage to eat the pieces of chicken, you can easily sip the broth. This should help keep you on track, keep you in ketosis and shouldn't do any damage.

    The thing that I noticed the most when I was sick was lack of desire to eat veggies. So I just didn't eat them. I stuck to the soup (above) and the chocolate drink warmed up. I think I lost (3) pounds that week.
  • One final thing I should add is that I was VERY deep in ketosis at that point. I had been on IP for about 3 months and I was 100% the entire time I was on P1. I also found sugar throat drops and used regular cold medicine.
  • You can use two non-restricteds to replace the protein at dinner, if that helps.
    If you want something cold, you could mix them up with ice.

    Also look for the thread with lizrr's purees. That could help get some vegetables in.

    Easy stuff would be to make some cauliflower, overcook slightly, and puree for a kind of mashed potato comfort food. Zucchini is my go-to vegetable because it will cook down and there is not much of it.

    Antihistamines also mess with fat loss, but I would go ahead and take them. It will all even back out once you are feeling better.
  • Thanks everyone! I appreciate the replies and will be trying some of the suggestions out