Road Trippin' and Tail Gatin' meal ideas with IP packets

  • Hi Guys! I am finishing up my 3rd week, down 18.4 lbs and 12.5 inches ! I don't want to halt my weight loss, so I need some help!

    For my husbands birthday I surprised him with tickets to the Ole Miss v. A&M game. We will be making the drive down and then tail gating as well.

    I am so focused on my weight loss that being around all that other food doesn't bother me, but I want to be able to stay OP 100% without having to stop or freak out about getting 7 oz of water!

    Does anyone have any ideas of ways to make the packets into something they are not so that you can make it ahead of time!?

    Thanks! and GO REBS!
  • We've been to 2 Big Ten games & tailgates this Fall.

    I made an IP Fine Herbs & Cheese omelet with extra veggies. I also made a bun from Rainbow's Mixin in the Kitchen Thread. And I mixed a Pink Lemonade before I left for the tailgate & just took extra water to drink (and added Lemonade Mio).

    Also check out Finn's recipe thread and there are other recipe threads.

    At the 2nd tailgate, I brought a veggie tray b/c I thought that was missing at the first one. If I went to another, I might make a Raspberry jello into jello "shots" (sans alcohol) b/c at the tailgate we go to, jello shots are a big thing.

    I also took a crunchy restricted with me.

    It was really no big thing. I just ate whatever meat was being grilled, along with veggies from the veggie tray.
  • I was at the A&M game yesterday. Friends had BBQ (ribs, chicken, brisket), green salad with pickles and onions. Ate a pickle at the game.