Gain when sick?

  • I have a cold from heck and I feel bigger. The scale has not moved in a week, but I am thinking maybe this cold is making me retain water or something. It sucks... I finally went out and bought diabetic cough syrup but it does not seem to be as strong as the regular..
  • It's possible - but remember if you DO have any gains, it's just water and will WHOOOSH away before too long. Just keep drinking PLENTY of water and feel better soon!
  • Being sick absolutely makes you retain water. Inflammation is usually present when you're sick, in one form or another. Not to mention sickness is a stress on your body. Drink up, get plenty of rest, and feel better.
  • I have had strep throat this last week and put on antibiotics. So yesterday weigh in i gained 3 pounds (OUCH) but i haven't been able to eat my protein and i couldn't swallow nothing but soup so i am retaining ALOT of water. But she said while on antibiotics you will be gaining weight. So she told me not to worry about it and to flush my system and to drink tea and TONS of water!
  • I hope that you feel better soon!