REACHED GOAL...been in maintenance...need a small reboot...anyone else?

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  • Well Day 5 has left me feeling... well, great really. My tummy is noticeably flatter (yay!!!!) and I do adore the feeling of being thin that only phase 1 seems to give. I'm snappy which isn't so great but I'll take it over bloated and sluggish any day of the week.
    Had the salt & vinegar chips before step class today and it really did seem to help with the fog and the extra sleep probably didn't hurt either
    Jenny- that's great news about the skirt. It's so uplifting when the clothes you love fit you as you want them to.
    Stolaf- glad I could help out! Loco is right... the closer we get to goal the longer it takes. But IP is pretty darn quick. It's just so hard to be patient with weight loss.
    Oh, and mom2cs... in a different thread you posted that sodium really helps to balance you with the amount of exercise you do. I'll admit I never really took in the extra sodium as it didn't seem really necessary and I felt like I was getting it from other sources, so why add more? But after reading your post I decided to start adding in the extra sodium and I don't know if it's directly contributable to how much better I felt in step class or if it was because I did it in conjunction with a restricted but boy did I ever feel better today! So thanks!
  • I agree Cap- nothing like P1 to give you that "hollow" feeling and get rid of all the bloat! My collar bones are a little more promenant, I can feel my hip bones, it is a lovely feeling. I just feel thinner all over.

    Tomorrow is WI #2 and I have to admit, I am a little bit nervous and anxious. I feel smaller and my clothes are undoubtedly fitting better, but I know some of you had issues on the scale and, I'll admit, it has me shaking in my boots. Technically speaking, there is no reason that the scale shouldn't show a loss, but we all know that means nothing.

    Cap- when I used to work out in the evening, I always had my restricted as a snack before in the afternoon. I always believed that since I was exercising, that was the most logical time to have it, pre-workout. I hope you are having an extra packet immediately post workout. Now that I am working out first thing in the morning, I am eating my restricted at night using the P4 theory of "carbs at night for energy in the am".
  • I can identify with the anxiousness about weighing in Jennydoodle... My pants are getting looser (which is the whole point right?) but still the ultimate reward seems to come from the scale... I am sending all my good wishes your way that the scale will be as nice to you as it should be tomorrow!
  • Thanks! This week has been particularly challenging to stay OP. I have been having to force myself out of the kitchen at night to stop myself from snacking on almonds. And tonight, hubby was making popcorn, and it took every ounce of my being to not grab a piece. Literally. The scale better be good to me
  • Morning. I lost .2 lbs this week so I am officially down a full 20lbs now. My husband is down a total of 60. He looks amazing and I am so proud of him. I am doing to St. croix next Friday so I need to go through clothes and see what fits and what doesn't.
  • Well, I was rewarded on the scale this morning, down another 1.6 bringing me down to 136.2. I am very close to goal and am hoping that 1 more week to go. I actually have 6 weeks that I can be on P1 for, so depending on how things go, I might stay on for awhile and see where I can get down to.

    Thank goodness this reboot seems to be going well. Regardless, my inches have most definitely gone down and my clothes feel so much better. But it does feel so much more rewarding when you see the scale cooperating, don't you think?

    Today has unexpectedly become a P2 day, which is ok, I used to do that every so often when I was in full P1 mode. It never affected my losses, and it was only for 1 day. But tomorrow will be back to P1.

    Hope you are all doing well over the weekend, as much as I love them, they are certainly the most challenging diet wise.
  • Congrats Jennydoodle & Stolaf on the losses! So happy for you both that the scale saw fit to reward you. My weigh in is on Tuesday morning and I am serving Thanksgiving supper Monday evening. Not the timing I would have chosen... But those are the breaks. Plan to stick to Turkey and either mashed cauliflower or turnips- haven't firmly decided on the sides yet. Would love to roast the turnips but there's only one oven and it's going to have a turkey in it
    Tried the spaghetti packet for the first time today and really enjoyed it...
  • Jenny - way to go!!! U must feel terrific.

    Cap- enjoy your thanksgiving dinner. Mashed turnips and mashed cauliflower r so good- always reminds me of good old comfort food.
  • The weekend has gone well so far. Today marks my first full week of Phase 1 but my official weigh in is on Tuesday. I made a pumpkin pie from a recipe I found on Mark's Daily Apple- which is a paleo/ primal site. So... the crust is made from almond flour and coconut oil, and the filling includes fresh pumpkin, coconut milk etc. Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that if I'm going to find some peace in maintaining my weight then I'm going to have to drag the family into it with me rather than making one thing for them and another for me. So while I won't be having any pie... I'm training the family for when I can
  • Happy thanksgiving ladies! My turkey chili (no beans) was a hit yesterday. So much easier than the whole bird etc! Plus we all had fun watching nfl.
  • Hey ladies....sorry I have been MIA. Pretty depressed....I spent the last week weighing and counting every calorie and following the recommendations on the scale gained back the 3 I had lost on phase 1 of IP. So I am off to my clinic tomorrow. I need to lose 15 pounds (maybe 20 so that I am below goal when I phase off).

    No alternatives...going full phase 1 with Ideal Protein foods and supplements.

    Going to give it two weeks and see what happens.

    I had started a new birth control and not sure if that is messing with my is Seasonale...3 months between periods. Well...I have been spotting everyday for 50 something else might be going on.

    So now I have to get myself back in ketosis. Starting tomorrow morning....and I am off Seasonale starting today.
  • Hello Ladies

    I am back in this forum because I am back on IP. I had lost 22 lbs the first time around but ended up gaining 10 back. I am hoping to loose those and an additonal 5 pounds this time. I started last week and I am already down 5 lbs. Looking to hit that 120 lbs mark this time. I am going on vacation to Thailand in december and hope to be able to fit in a bikini by then
  • Quote: Hey ladies....sorry I have been MIA. Pretty depressed....I spent the last week weighing and counting every calorie and following the recommendations on the scale gained back the 3 I had lost on phase 1 of IP. So I am off to my clinic tomorrow. I need to lose 15 pounds (maybe 20 so that I am below goal when I phase off).

    No alternatives...going full phase 1 with Ideal Protein foods and supplements.
    Darbs- glad to have you back! I have to say, there is something about IP products that seem to work like none other. I don't know what it is, but my losses are just not the same on alternatives.

    I also think going back to your coach is a fantastic idea! While we have such great support here, knowing you have to go weigh in each week and being on the true program can only help you. Plus, hopefully if your coach is a good one, you can get some guidance if you still are having problems with the scale. But I suspect that you will start to see some nice losses being back on IP.

    I fiddled around with alternatives during maintenance for P1 days and a couple of half hearted reboots, but I never really lost what I wanted. But now I have been on my "official" reboot on IP and my losses are mirroring those from the first time around. I really truly believe that the quality of the IP products are better and I also feel that having to shell out the $ for them helps me stick to it. When you are paying $10 for a box of alternatives, if you don't stick to the program, it's not like you are wasting a whole lot of money. But IP products, heck yeah you wasting cash if don't stay OP.

    Regardless, welcome back and good for you for picking yourself up! Aldo- no more negative thinking! This is literally weigh you down too! You have to think positive.
  • Ugh, sorry for all the grammar mistakes in the above post. Fingers were not moving as fast as I was thinking It should read:

    "Also, no more negative thinking. This can literally weigh you down too!"
  • Hey darbs! Glad you are back.
    I continue to hover a bit above my range. Now that thanksgiving is done I expect we will Have a good phase 1 week.

    Consider trying some new things! The potato rolls are delicious. And I am suddenly addicted to crispy cerel!

    Most months I get little to no Tom. Maybe it's age....