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Height: 5'8

Default What are you eating today Ipeeps - Sunday, September 16, 2012

BREKKiE: Peppermint Tea, IP Apple Cinnamon Puffs/Honey Nut Cereal mix
LUNCH: Roasted Prosciutto Toffutti Wrapped Asparagus, Roasted Green Beans, 1 HB Egg, 1 Dill Pickle, 3 Mini Roasted Colored Bell Peppers
SUPPER: Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Squash Chips
SNACK: CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Breakfast: vanilla shake warmed up with 2shots of homemade espresso
Lunch: chicken a la king with fresh raw veggies
For some reason I eat chicken a la king EVERYDAY! Boring, but quick o make at work
Dinner:raw clams and oysters!!!!!!!!!!
Our town is having its huge annual fall festival. Since we are on the sea there will be huge raw bars set up. There is usually a wine tasting that I'm all over.....this year I'll bring a bottle of water!
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IP: 2/28/12-9/1/12
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Height: 5'6"/39yo


Phase 4: Phase 1 Detox-Day

[email protected]: Restricted
IP Caramel Nut

Step & [email protected]:30-10:30am

[email protected]: Zucchini Pancakes
IP Crispy Cereal
2 Egg Whites
1/2 tsp Baking Powder

[email protected]: Spinach Smoothie
EAS Chocolate RTD
Decaf Coffee

[email protected]: Out with Inlaws
Grilled Chicken Salad at Houstons

[email protected]: Cucumber-Lemon Sorbet
Lemons, juice & Zest

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I just made a yummy "pumpkin shake" I thought I would share with everyone. I was craving pumpkin pie, so I took a vanilla pudding packet, added enough water to make a drink, added 1 tsp SF Torani pumpkin pie syrup, sprinkled cinnamon and nutmeg and mixed until smooth.

It was so good and helped my craving.

Have a great day everyone!
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IP Start Date 8/31/2012
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Phase 1

Breakfast: IP Vanilla Drink mixed with coffee
Lunch: 8oz shrimp w/WF Cocktail sauce, salad (L, O, G&R Pepp) w/WF Sesame Ginger dressing, Broccoli and Cauliflour
Dinner: IP Lemon soy puffs or double choco bar (haven't decided), pickles
Snack: IP Choco drink heated with WF Carmel syrup
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Holding on TIGHT
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Height: 5'1


Phase 1: 55 days, 7 weeks and 6 days

Breakfast: Coffee Chocolate shake: chocolate RTD with 2 T. walden farms chocolate syrup and coffee

Lunch: Salad with 1 c. cucumber

Snack: Vanilla shake with coffee

salad with 1000 island

Vanilla RTD extra...

Dinner: Salad, 1000 island dressing, 8 oz pork steak

Snack: Strawberry shake, vanilla rtd with 2 T. walden farms strawberry syrup

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S/C/G: 222/see ticker/145

Height: 5'6 1/2"


B: IP herb omelet w/ 2 c sauteed mushrooms

L: 2 over easy eggs with 3 pieces of well cooked bacon (Is that a cheat?)

S: IP dark chocolate pudding w 1 tsp WF chocolate syrup

D: probably steamed chicken and veggies from chinese restaurant
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Height: 5'5"


B - IP crispy cereal
L - scrambled eggs & steamed broccoli
S - IP lemon bar
D - EAS RTD choco drink with spinach & WF caramel syrup
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Breakfast--apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins
Lunch--Chili's with my mom <3 6oz sirloin and steamed broccoli
Snack--jicama with cinnamon and splenda
dinner--Salad and caramel nut bar
Snack--raspberry jelly
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Started IP 11/28/2011
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S/C/G: 260.8/144/150

Height: 5'4"


Phase 2, second to last day!!!!! I'm so tempted to start phase 3 tomorrow, but I meet with the nutritionist @ my clinic tomorrow, and I think I'll let her go over things with me before I jump into it. I like that my clinic hands us over to the nutritionists on staff for phases 3 & 4.

Breakfast -- Cookies and cream bar, coffee, 1 oz skim milk
Lunch--5 oz canned tuna, 2 cups raw veggies, lettuce
Dinner--5 oz ground sirloin patties, 2 cups raw veggies, lettuce, olive oil
Snack--cappuccino drink mix w/decaf espresso

I have become a salad addict! I love, love, love them!

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