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Default Tastebuds for Ideal Protein

I am considering Ideal Protein. I do very well on a low carb diet and like the idea of being trained to like that type of food full time (Phase 3 and 4?), but I am a bad combination of overscheduled and too lazy to make special meals for breakfast and lunch but I am game for making that for dinner. Thus, the prepackaged/provided food of IP appeals to me.

However, I do not have much of a sweet tooth. In fact, an experiment with Adkins in about 2000 killed my love of bread (hate sandwiches now). The information I have gathered about IP seems to be a lot of the meals or snacks are sweet-replacement, as in chocolate puddings, or shakes or bars and stuff like that. Is there anything in Phase 1 that will scratch the itch for someone whose tastebuds are for savories, salties, and spicies instead of sweets? Don't really feel like paying the $500 to find out and then not like it. I am ready to do this, I just want to know there will be food I like. Any info welcomed. Thanks so much!

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There are LOTS of non-sweet IP foods!!
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One of my favorites is the broccoli and cheese soup.
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I'm on my first week and I'm like you when it comes to sweets, not a fan. So far my favorites are the Herb and Cheese Omelet, Chicken Soup (added seasonings), BBQ Ridges were good. I'm going to order the white chedded ridges for my restricted when I go in on Wednesday. So far most of the soups I have liked as long as I add seasonings to them. I also added sauteed mushrooms to my soups, gives me something to actually chew.

So far I have been really happy with IP, I'm pretty sure it will only get better as I learn how to do more with the foods.

Hopefully others will chime in with more ideas.

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Love the dill pickle zippers ... definitely NOT sweet :O) There are also southwest curls that were my fav until the dill pickle zippers came out.

Also, you may want to research some of the recipes here ... there are some for making "foods" out of the IP non-restricted packets. Sure beats drinking shakes all of the time :O)
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I'm not a sweet lover either and I definitely find some of the choices too sweet. But there are plenty of other choices so that is not an issue. Stay away from any berry type choices.
But I don't find the chocolate choices too sweet. I like them better as shakes than as puddings though.
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Thanks for all the good pointers! I appreciate the input and will share with my friend who also is considering IP (she does have a sweet tooth).
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I like the potato packet and the broccoli cheese soup. I really miss cheese. I add a cup of steamed broccoli and make them a bit heartier. Helps to satifsfy.
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There are a good amount of savory snacks. I really like the soy nuts.
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