question about measuring meat

  • I made some yummy taco salad tonight. Since the hamburger was crumbled, I used my measuring cup. I measured out 8 oz. and boy was that a lot of meat!! In fact, I'm sitting here with a half plate of food......trying to eat it all. Did I measure wrong??
  • You cannot measure meat in a measuring cup need a scale to measure weight. 8 oz is in weight not liquid measure....

    Example: In a measuring cup, 1 cup equals 8 ounces. If you put burger in there and fill to 1 cup (8 ounces),,,you would have 1 cup of ground beef. (we are only allowed 8oz a day)

    Now...that same cup of ground beef when put on a piece of saran wrap on a food scale might weigh 1 pound (16 oz in weight). This is just an example as I don't know the real weight....

    I use a food scale....I cut and trim RAW meats and make weighed 8oz portions and freeze them. Cooked weight is we are supposed to use raw weight.

    Best wishes
  • My coach gave me a general rule that 8oz is ~1/2lb, remember this is before cooking.
  • 4oz is about the palm of your hand and the height of a stack of playing cards. So.. 2 times that =)