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Default Rhubarb

Hello everybody,

Last weekend, for the first time of my life I tasted rhubarb and I really fell in love with it! It is delicious. I was never able to find it anywhere in here, and it was as easy as getting it from my father-in-law garden .

Anyway, I know that we can have rhubarb on this diet, and I am thrilled with this, but I just looked-up the nutritional value and depending on the website I looked in, it is about 6-7g of carbs in a cup! So... I was wondering, is this a restricted veggie to have one to twice a week or can we really eat rhubarb for our veggie serving everyday! I really hope so, cause I really loved this thing! The taste is amazing with a little bit of Splenda.

Also, since it is something new to me, I don't really know what to do with it except boil it or steam it in the microwave and sprinkle Splenda on it. Can you please share how else can we prepare it.

Also, last question: the way I prepared it, it always came out mushy, is it supposed to be this way or am I overcooking it.

Thank you all for your replies.
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You can stew it with a little bit of water, add a couple packages of Splenda and then mix it with your Raspberry Jello, it is so good!!!!
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I make it in the microwave and it is mushy. I put it in my blender with splenda and WF strawberry syrup. Then i freeze it while i eat my dinner so it thickens a bit and have it for dessert.

I don't think its a restricted, other non restricted veggies have more carbs then that.
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I'm not on Ideal Protein, so I can only guess, but what I do no about rhubarb that might help is that almost half of the carbs in rhubarb come from cellulose/doetary fiber - and fiber carbs "don't count" because humans can't digest them (it's why Atkins and many other low-carb plans and many calorie-counting plans as well subtract the fiber calories/carbs from the total).

If you're a cow or a termite, you can access the carbs (and calories) in dietary fiber, but if you're human you can't.

That means that rhubarb only has 3 to 4 effective (or accessible) carbs.

I'm currently using Atkins Induction to get rid of some water weight I acquired during a ten day vacation, and rhubarb is allowed on Atkins Induction (up to one cup per day, because the other two cups has to come from salad veggies).

On Atkins Rhubarb is in the same category as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi....

On my exchange plan, 3/4 cup to 1 cup of rhubarb counts as one vegetable, and 2 - 3 cups counts as either 3 vegetables or a fruit (which makes sense, because on many exchange plans, including mine - you can choose to count 3 vegetable exchanges as either a fruit or bread exchange.

I don't know if this information helps you decide how to consider rhubab, but it's certainly made me hungry for rhubarb. I like to eat it raw and unsweetened (I LOVE sour) or like my brother and I ate it as kids (only using sugar instead of low-cal sweetener). I pour a little bit of Splenda, Truvia, or xylitol in a dish and dip the rhubarb end in the "sugar" and eat.

I just ran out of my rhubarb on Friday, and I have to wait until tomorrow to get more (at the Tuesday Farmers' Market - because the grocery store rhubarb is crappy/overgrown and expensive).
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