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Try melatonin. It is the only thing that works for me. Get the "sublingual" tablets, you put it under your tongue just before laying down. It will dissolve slowly. I take a 5 MG melatonin every single night, it really helps.

Also, I notice that it is much worse in Phase 1. Now that I am in maintenance, it is not nearly as bad (must be the carbs???). Also, no more food dreams in maintenance

Oh- the brand I use is "Source Naturals" 5mg sublingual tablets in peppermint.
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You wake up and don't have to go to the bathroom? Nope not me....wake up and have to pee 3 or more times... LOL
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Default trouble sleeping on Ideal Protein Diet

From what I have read this is caused by our bodies being in ketosis. You can google "insomnia caused by ketosis," but here is a link. I'm on sleep meds but still having trouble. I may try the Webber Naturals Super Sleeper that someone suggested. Other than that I don't know what to suggest. Happy to see all the great results you are all having. I'm still in my first week.

My diet "coach" told me the following:
Actually, sleep is probably an issue more with drinking all the water and getting up several times at night. Otherwise, cutting sugars from our diet helps to lower cortisol and insulin as well as decrease inflammation and sleep is improved overall.
A physician who specializes in sleep disorders is showing positive results with Ideal Protein protocol with patients with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders when fat% is lowered and the overall environment is more alkaline normal and anti inflammatory.

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love2travelmom- Im in the same boat as you. My sleep gets disturbed when i do get to sleep, because i have to get up and go to the bathroom every couple of hours because i drink so much throughout the day and the fact, i drink so much that my pee is no longer yellow..its completely clear...

I think last night was my first food dream..or call it a nightmare. When i finally got to sleep last night, i dreamt that i was at a friends house for dinner and they were serving me foods i couldnt eat and i didnt have any backup plan. I ended up eating french fries..and it was like :O No!!!!!! i cant cheat!! I woke up this morning thinking i had cheated..but then realized it was a dream and in fact, i did not consume any foods during my evening it felt so real....and i felt so guilty..and i really thought i had screwed up....

Its funny cause the past few times ive tried this diet, i had no fear whatsoever of cheating..kind of like a `meh its just a cheat! and now its like im tereffied to cheat this time around cause i know how bad it is to even cheat through one lick...its cheat...and you hit rock bottom before you get back on..or at least thats how it is for thats why i havent cheated.. ive had the beeegeezers scared out of me from the last few its all good!
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Your pee should be clear. It means you're well hydrated.
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I have been doing IP since Nov 2011, and I remember that the first few weeks I had trouble sleeping. I felt like my body was too antsy to relax and go to sleep. It went away during the first month and the only trouble I have had since is that periodically I get leg cramps that wake me out of a sound sleep. I up my sea salt and may even add an extra potassium for a few days and it goes away.

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I can't sleep too! I have no trouble falling asleep. In fact, I pass out at around 9:30 PM. The past few weeks I am up for good at 2-3 AM. Once in a while I go back to sleep, wake up to pee, go back to sleep, wake up to pee..... every 2 hours of the night. This stinks!
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Same here.. restless nights made up from a combination of bathroom visits, tossing and turning and NIGHTMARES like super scary ones.. Day 7 here.
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Melatonin really helps with the peeing....try I!
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The Full Moon last night didn't help!
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