It's TUESDAY! What Are You Eating Today?

  • Goodmorning IP's!

    Phase 1

    1 c Black Coffee
    IP Broccoli & Cheese Soup
    1 c Spinach
    1 tsp EVOO/ Sea Salt

    IP Dark Chocolate Pudding + Splenda packet
    2 c Cucumbers/ Sea Salt

    Big Mac in a Bowl
    5 oz XL Gound Beef/ Lettuce/ 1 c Red Onion/ Bread & Butter Pickles made with Splenda
    2 Tbsp WF Thousand Island Dressing
    1 tsp EVOO/ Sea Salt

    IP Strawberry Wafer
    2 Tbsp Great Lakes Gelatin/ Collagen

    ~~~~lots of water~~~~

    Exercise: Walk Outdoors 30 Minutes

    Stay strong and have a great OP day!
  • I love this thread! Seeing what others eat helps keep it interesting

    Breakfast: 3 shots of iced espresso mixed with a vanilla RTD

    Lunch: roasted asparagus and dill pickle zippers

    Snack: Cran granita drink

    Dinner: Grilled boneless/skinless chicken breast and grilled veggies (probably zucchini)
  • Phase 1: Week 10, Day 5

    [email protected]:
    IP Chocolate RTD (spinach smoothie)
    3 cups Decaf & 1 cup Ice
    1 tbsp WF Caramel Dip
    1 Splenda

    [email protected]:
    IP Southwest Cheese Curls
    Roasted Cauliflower, Celery, Garlic Soup
    Salad w/EVOO+Apple Cider Vinegar

    [email protected]:
    IP Raspberry Jelly

    2.7mi [email protected]

    [email protected]:
    Pork Chops
    Turnip & Green Onion ('faux-tato' hash)
  • Proteingal- I love big mac in a bowl. I tried it for the first time last week.
    I think I will make it again this week.
  • Omg, adding kale chips to my snack....SOOOOOO HUNGRY! PESKY TOM!
  • Phase 1

    ProtiLife Vanilla Shake

    ProtiLife Beef and vegetables soup
    Lettuce + 1c mushrooms + peppers

    2 eggs + salad + grilled mushrooms

    IP lemon and poppy seeds bar