Two root canal's today!

  • I had an abcessed tooth on Wed. so I didn't go to WI. I went to my dentist last night and I had two teeth involved so he sent me to an Endodontist this morning. He was right, $2250.00 later and two root canals. I'm home and feeling no pain, but from the 5 needles in the crook of my mouth I can't even open it further than an inch. This should help with my diet this week huh?
  • Guess you can suck down some liquid IP!!!

    Glad you're not feeling any pain...I had my first root canal last year and I preferred it over getting a filling...
  • Yup, guess it will be liquids for you! Hope you recover soon.
  • Oh dear, you must be in pain,
  • I hope you feel better after the initial recovery!

    This month I had a tooth extraction and a root canal. I felt so much better after that. I think fighting the abcess infection was taking its toll. The root canal was done in two stages. On my second visit, the endodontist said all should be fine. He looked at my xrays then and remarked that the healing from the first work was nearly complete. He said, Wow, that is almost unheard of! And me a diabetic also. I really do think it was all of the quality protein from IP that sped the healing!

    Hope you fair well also! Take care.
  • Ouchy! Hope your jaw gets to feeling better quick!
  • Feel better soon!
  • Feel better soon!!
  • Thanks guys! I'm feeling better today but I can't open my mouth far because of the 5 needles in the corner of my jaw. Boy is it sore today.