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Default What is your favorite/nonfavorites ideal protein packets?

I have been on IP for two weeks. Tuesday will make it week 3. I was wondering what is your favorite packets. I'll start..
My favorite are:
Crispy Cereal
Chocolate Drink

My non favorites are:
Mushroom Soup
Any of the puddings
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I will end week 2 on Tuesday. The only pudding I can tolerate is the butterscotch.

My Favs so far are the peach-mango drink, the herb omelet and (to my surprise) the potato puree.

My least favorite was the blueberry-cran-whatever and the other flavors of puddings.

I haven't had any restricted yet, so can't say whether I like them or not.
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My favorites are the chocolate drink, chicken soup and the white chocolate cinnamon bars. Oh, and the veggie chili is really good too.

I thought the pink lemonade was absolutely vile, and I haven't been crazy about any of the puddings. I also thought the crispy cereal was gross, not because of the cereal but the milk-like stuff.
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Newbie here, but lurking for weeks now.... I've been doin IP for 7 weeks now, and here's my 2 cents:

My least fav is definitely the tomato soup... BARF!

Favorites are butterscotch pudding (as a drink, made with coffee), chocolate drink, and veggie chili...
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Im also ending my second week. I don't loathe anything yet but I have been copying some of the recipes with packets. Waffles out of pudding? Who knew. They look amazing. For me it's the WF products I dislike, I'll stick with spices.
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Hi All,

My absolute favorite IP packets are Crispy Cereal and Cappuccino. I also love the chip style snacks BBQ,dill zippers, white cheddar ridges. I can't stand the puddings I am going to try them as waffles but to eat I can't get thru them. I love IP but it is a little expensive for my budget right now so I use alternatives for easy things like chocolate shakes and high protein jello (Pure Protein sells them pre-made in individual cups at local grocery store *Stop and Shop*) There are still a lot of IP packets I have not tried yet mostly the bars seems like I am more of a salty crunchy snack girl lately...that is not like the old me at all
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I started a thread last week called adventurous IP packets or something like that because I was wondering the same thing. . Has some great info if you can find it. Good luck!
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My favourite is the vanilla pudding, and I use it as a shake - not as a pudding. Just fill your shaker right up with water, and let it chill for a bit

I can't say there are any bars I don't like, and I also really enjoy the ready serve vanilla and chocolate drinks.
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Like the vanilla and butterscotch puddings as shakes or lattes. Love the chicken and mushroom soup.
Don't like any of the fruit drinks.
Love wf BBQ sauce!
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I just completed week 2. I love the puddings, wild-berry yogurt drink, mango juice ready to drink, all the bars and cappuccino drink. Everything else..tastes blah to me..
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Just mixed up Orange Drink and it's delicious!
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If you are not liking the puddings, I have a few suggestions. They are not great mixed only with water - following directions. YUK.

1. Add a dash of salt - really brings up the flavor
2. Add 1 tsp of cocoa powder
3. add 1/2 packet of stevia or Truvia
4. Make sure they are COLD - they really taste better is you mix them up and pop them in the fridge for an hour before eating.
5. Make the Butterscotch into a shake using 10oz of coffee instead of water. More filling and de-lish!

I make most of them with coffee now that I think about it because I use them in the morning. The vanilla pudding with 10oz of coffee and a dash of cinnamon & truvia is do die for!

Sometimes, I make the chocolate pudding this way: Mix 1 tsp of cocoa, dash salt, 1 pack Truvia, and one of those instant coffee mini packs with 1 oz hot water. Everything dissolves in the hot water. Then, I add the pudding and 10 oz of cold water and mix the 2 together. Add ice. OMG! SO good.
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I'm on week 12 of IP. I am in love with the chocolate drink mix, potato puree, and choco raspberry bars. I really like the mushroom soup, and the chicken noodle soup and the tomato basil soup. I like the pre-mixed drinks. Love the salt & vinegar ridges, and the garlic & onion soy nuts. I loathe any of the fruit flavored packets: strawberry, blueberry, lemon, banana puddings, pink lemonade, granata drink, orange, peach mango. Yuck! I dislike the leek soup, the soy patties, the white cheddar ridges, and most of the bars with "chocolate" on them.
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I am on week six and my favorites are the Cappuccino, made in the blender with coffee ice cubes, some splenda and sometimes a dash of WF chocolate. (Using up any WF products that you don't like "as is" by sneaking them into other things can lead to some interesting discoveries. I found that I love the Asian WF dressing as a marinade for chicken although I wasn't crazy about it on lettuce). I also love the plain omelet for it's versatility (I sometimes eat it more like a pancake, with WF pancake syrup, or with roasted vegetables thrown in for a truly filling meal). Using the lemon pudding to make the waffles or pancake is delicious. I like most of the bars with the rasberry-choc and chocolate ones being my top two. Love the chicken soup with veggies added in.

Can't stand the chicken noodle soup and I also didn't care for any of the "fruit" type drinks or the crispy cereal. As I stayed away from the restricted for the first four weeks there are still some I haven't tried (mostly the soy snacks - something new to look forward to!)
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#1 Chocolate Shake mixed with coffee (instead of h20) with ice in blender = amazing.

#2 Double Chocolate Bar. Incredible - makes me feel like I'm cheating! Only downfall is: 4 bites and it's all gone!!

#3 Chocolate Soy Puffs - yum! Also makes me feel like I'm cheating. Love that there is enough in the bag to make me feel really satisfied.

#4 Southwest Cheddar Soy Puffs - lots in bag, so I separate them into 2 ziplock bags = a treat now, one later!

Least Fav:
Tomato Soup = barf
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