IP Daily Chat Wednesday 3/28/12

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  • Quote: Did you cook the Miracle Rice in with the rest of your dish? It has no flavor of its own, but will pick up the flavor of what it's cooked in. Cooking it that way is important. I often just stir fry mine with lots of garlic, chili paste, and carb-free soy sauce. It then tastes like all the flavorings.
    Hehe - I was afraid to! I had no clue if I'd like it or not and didn't want to take the chance of screwing the whole thing up. Maybe next time!
  • Good evening IPers! Hope everyone is enjoying staying OP! Enjoy.
  • Wow! Today's chat is full of some awesome WI news. Major congrats to Wuv, Cadu and others on their SVs.

    Wingnut, I'm sorry that you and your husband went through such a trial, but am glad that the final outcome was no worse.

    Samba and kellyco, I hope you both recover and feel better soon.

    I don't have really anything much to say about myself today, although I was able to fit into a dress that has hung in my closet unworn for nearly 2 years-- a very nice NSV.

    Good luck to everyone on keping with their plans!
  • Just popping in to say hi.....I have a virus on my personal pc, and prefer to not surf the web on my work pc (or I'll end up with a virus on that too, sigh).

    But hopefully everyone is having a great OP/IP week!
  • Tried the Kale Chips
    Thanks for the suggestion. These are really pretty good.
  • Quote: Energy Drinks or things w/ higher caffeine

    I used to drink Red bull for years..I do not anymore...then I was drinking some cocoa powder w/ oats, almond milk and chia seeds or seeds like that as my power drink! I miss having something like that...is there a drink like that we can have that is 0 carb 0 fat 0 sugar...even a pop is pop restricted ? i was never a pop drinker...
    my husband is out of town i am exhausted adn have to clean the house tonight..i am always in a better mood if i have a power drink!?!?! I know sounds weird but it is a bit of a mind or matter booster...

    Thanks for anyone who knows of something..i guess someone said Monster has a low carb one...?? I have ot look it up ..
    How about MIO energy?
  • Quote: Can I have any sugarfree gum or a particular brand?

    Wuv2bloved - all I can say is WOW! I am SO impressed with the commitment you and so many of the other senior members have shown - it's inspiring to us newbies! Thanks to all of you for being so willing to share your experience and knowledge!
    My coach allows sugarfree gum....I chew Extra, polar ice or any of the other Extra flavors....I can blow my bubbles....lol...keeps me busy....I have usually 3 slices a day....one after lunch....later in the afternoon and one after dinner
  • Quote: So glad there is someone else with the runny nose. I am usually cold anyways, but I am even colder now.
    I haven't had the cold feeling, I'm usually too warm, but now that I think about it, I am not feeling too warm lately, a relief actually...
  • Quote: No, this isn't allowed. I would not recommend it even if they are low in everything, there is a lot of sodium in most of them

    Have you tried the MIO black cherry or the Green Thunder? Both of those have energy and are tastey....so you might check it out

    If you are following the sheet and are in your 5th day you should be in Ketosis. I never felt any different, some say the craving stop, bad breathe and such but I never got any of this.

    to post pics....go to User CP and edit your signature or your avatar...scroll down and you will see where you manage attachments and there is where you can do it!

    3sisters.....keep your water with you at all time and chew gum. I know for me if I am chewing gum I don't want to put anything in my mouth. All of that food will be there the NEXT family reunion and you will be MUCH healthier and happier. Stick to the program, you will be happy that you did!

    Now on to ME.....I loss 5.3lbs this week!!!....making it 140lbs in 11 months!...I am one happy girl right now that is for sure! My coach was right when she said my body needed to be shocked and put me on phase 3 for 2 weeks....it has paid off!!....I am BELOW my original goal of 250 so I am STILL IN SHOCK!!!....its going to be a GREAT day!
    Wuv - Happy dance, good for you!!
  • Quote: Hello All!
    Congrats to all the "losers"!!
    Today was my WI day and even with my TOM I am 4lbs lighter! Today marks my 1st full month OP and to be honest I did not think I was going to make it. This week has been the best week so far, even with my TOM and the PMS I feel great. I actually was craving the BBQ Crisps so that made it much easier to stay OP!
    I realized the other day while makeing dinner for my luvy's that i know the food i was making for them is good, but some what disgusted by it LOL it was ok for them to eat it, but I wanted nothing to do with it. I dont look at food the same anymore.. its either a PROTIEN, CARB or and EMPTY OK food lol. I like that. I feel like I have set my self free from the emotional hold food had on me! Which is great for me, since i have battled with eating disorders for years. I feel free, thanks IP!
    Good for you kid! You will find that your tastes change as time goes on. I tried new vegetables I never dreamed of eating before, new dishes, new spices. It kept things interesting and creative. Now that I started Phase 4, I actually had some of that healthy pasta, a sprouted grain pasta, and it was amazing. It was chewey, filling and had taste to it, unlike white pasta that is really just a carrier for sauce. My joy of cooking has reawakened during this journey and that is almost as good as the weight loss!

    Keep it up!
  • Just a thought...if the turkey sausages you find have too much additives or carbs added to them, you could try getting the plain ground turkey and make up your own mix of spices. There are several IP friendly recipes for it. Ground turkey or chicken tend to get pretty chewey and dry, but if you doctor it up, it can be tolerable.
  • @lindsayk86. I follow the IP protocol using alternatives which seem to be a lot cheaper than IP products. i live in Europe so there is no IP available here. I buy my products from an on line shop in England or Holland. 7 puddings are 15 euro, 7 pancakes/omlettes/soups are 15 euro and the snacks are about the same. It works out at 45 euro for a weeks supply of packs. You should look at the alternatives pages for cheaper products. I compare the carbs/proteins to Ip products.
  • Quote: Just remember..if you go off plan you will lose a few days of weightloss..I was doing really well was down 13.7 lbs in 10 days then had wine..still went down 2 lbs that day so i decided to have wine again and pizza this time (someone mentioned as soon as you cheat it is easier to cheat the next time, CORRECT) then the scale went up 2lbs and stayed there for 2 days...i am now back in ketosis..I bought the strips and this a.m I am back on track but lost a few days...stay on track and focus! It feels better to miss out and know you were strong than to give in and feel bad for 2-3days that you lost momentum! I am new at this but this is what I feel. I am now not sure if my body will be as quick at losing as it was before the cheat days...

    I ate a slice of pizza last night and boy do I feel guilty. It's really hard to say no sometimes but I gave in.
  • Someone told me that we are allowed diet pop. Is this true?
  • Quote: I ate a slice of pizza last night and boy do I feel guilty. It's really hard to say no sometimes but I gave in.
    YOU made that decision.....YOU brought that pizza to your mouth. There is a lot of time between picking up that piece of pizza, bringing it to your mouth, opening your mouth and taking that FIRST bite...YOU choose to eat it. Don't beat yourself over it, today is a new day...move on and get back OP.

    Quote: Someone told me that we are allowed diet pop. Is this true?
    NO DIET SODA allowed!!!