Reached goal...been in maintenance...need a small reboot...anyone else?

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  • Have you tried taking a few days in a row off from the gym? Intense exercise can cause your muscles to retain water.

    Maybe it's the weather. I am also higher than usual for a Thursday morning, but I don't see it, so I am hoping it's Pms....

    Otherwise don't give up! It will come off if you continue on.
  • Mom3- seems like the scale is toying with you... maybe hold off weighing in for a week? It is inspirational to see the scale go down but on the flip side it is so discouraging to see it go up. So, perhaps since you are committed to the reboot (hey you've already been doing it for 3 weeks right?? May as well keep on keeping on rather than have a stop/ start and have to go through the first seven days again). Give the scale a break until Monday and check in then. The stress of having your weight up could be what's keeping it up
    You can do it!! The 140's are in your sight...
  • Hey girls!
    I am on a ledge. I am up a few pounds with Tom. I feel like throwing in the towel and eating whatever until Tuesday as it is the Canada day long weekend.

    I know it's not the greatest idea...but I can't seem to get my cravings under control today....

    I hate hormones!
  • Good morning ladies. Is it ok for me to join you here for a bit? I had phased out and decided to maintain at 161, about 11 shy of my goal. Felt good there. Stayed in a two pound window for a couple months and then went away for over two weeks. Did reasonably well there but came home in the 164 ish range. When the scale did not move in two weeks of phase 3 eating, I decided to start phase one again.

    So far so good. This is the start of day 3. A little grumpy but I love the strictness. I was certainly not going crazy with the food, but a bite of this and a bite of that. Anyway, it is good to be here and rebooting. Scale said 162 this am. Wahoo.
  • Welcome! It's just so easy to get off track!
  • Quote: Welcome! It's just so easy to get off track!
    Thank you. It is good to be here. Some of my least favorite phase one symptoms are here. The big C, and the goofy dizziness each time I stand up. It is something I always have, even not dieting, but soooo much more so in P1. Just keep on drinking water, eating salt and staying 100 percent. Who knows, may even break into the 150s, which I have not seen for well over 20 yrs.
  • Have more oil. It helps with the big c! And you will get into ketosis faster
  • Day four. Back in ketosis. Let the fat burning begin.... Carb withdrawal not that bad this time, likely because I didn't let the carbs get out of hand. Yay. Wearing tank tops for the first time in my adult life. More confident. IP is awesome.

    Little headache today. Water, check. Supplements, check. Oil, later. Keep keeping on.

    How is everyone doing on their reboot??
  • Finally back to my normal weight. Took me 2 weeks to get back to 137lb. I looked at my food journal last year and on this date I weighed 134 lb. 134lb was my 5 lb limit - so if I can get these 3 lbs off, I'll be right where I should be! I find that the journey I have taken after reaching goal is WAY more tricky than my original Phase 1 journey! I have definitely learned there are certain things that I just can't eat! I have discovered the shiritake noodles, and find them to be very helpful for pasta exchange! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July holiday!
  • should I be here? lost 30 pounds from april to aug of 2010. kept it off till nov of 2011 when I stopped working out and started eating badly. Now up 10 pounds at 135 and need to loose the 10. starting IP on Monday. so far have tried doing it on my own a couple of times with no in for some reason was not loosing weight. then I tried working out like a mad woman and that hasn't worked either.

    this is a serious question: anyone out there had problem loosing like the first time??? as in not as much as the first time??? I was a very slow looser to begin with so I am giving myself 5 + weeks to loose the 10, am thinking it probably be more like 8 weeks or so.
  • In January I found myself up 12 pounds. It too about 8 weeks to lose them, with a 3 week 0 loss plateau. All doing strict phase 1 and exercising every day.
    But the weight did eventually come off.
  • Quote: In January I found myself up 12 pounds. It too about 8 weeks to lose them, with a 3 week 0 loss plateau. All doing strict phase 1 and exercising every day.
    But the weight did eventually come off.
    Thanks! I think I am headed in the same direction. I have a feeling it will be tougher just from experience but am very committed to get rid of the 10 pounds as I am fully aware the 10 can become 15 etc etc very soon.

    I do have another question about your workouts: were they high intensity or low intensity? I was planing to keep the low intensity ones and stay off the harder ones.
  • I am not a do anything in moderation person lol, so I would say high intensity, for 60-120 minutes 6 days a week. Bootcamp, spin, weights, plyometrics, Zumba. I like it all.

    I found that it was only the first week where I had any issues. This is what it was like when I first started ip as well.

    During my reboot I did switch from a non restricted snack to a restricted bar. I never used to have the restricteds. For some reason this seemed to hep get things going, and I was less hungry. I use simply bars as the ip bars have sugar alcohols in them and they do not agree with me.

    I occasionally add 2 hard boiled eggs or 100 calories of almonds to my day, especially if I work out in the morning and at night. I also eat my protein until I am full, so occasionally I may have more than 8 oz.
  • Thank you for work out input.
    alright, I think I can keep up with the exercise part too ONLY if I can have something an hour before it as my body is used to that. My work outs are always around 5 pm, so am thinking of having a bar around 3 and then having an extra protein shake after it would be just fine for the days that I know I am going to be sweating heavily. For the first week I will watch the high intensity ones so that I don't cheat.

    thanks a bunch for the input, its good to know that hard core work outs are o.k. I remember couple of years ago my coach was not very happy about them. I started blaming them for not loosing weight a few months back when I tried IP and didn't loose in the first week but I guess I was wrong.
  • Blue Screen of Death
    I phased off in March 2012 because I was just about 5 pounds shy of my goal and was really tired of the limitations. Shortly after that, work (and life in general) got incredibly stressful with a lot of business travel, entertaining, etc. So, I fell victim to the siren song of sweets. Not candy, but baked goods. I simply love cookies, cake and bread. They apparently love me as well because they never want to leave me. They get comfy right around my middle and that is where they stay.

    I knew my clothes were getting tighter, so I decided to step on the scale. WELL THAT WAS A WAKE-UP CALL. I started the "reboot" the following day not knowing there was actually a name for what I was doing. That was Sunday, June 24.

    So far, the reboot has been going well as far as negative symptoms. I woke up with a headache a few times the first week, but nothing really out of the ordinary. I didn't feel nauseous, spacy or lethargic like I did the first time. It made me wonder if I was really not in ketosis. I am, however, losing weight, so something is working. I still have cravings and hunger, but I had those in the beginning last time as well. I think I must have been doing the program for a good month before cravings and hunger disappeared.

    As it has only been 11 days on the program, can you share your experiences going back on the plan? I am trying to gauge what to expect. I am thinking I might be about 6 weeks away from my goal weight, which is a little less than my previous goal because I gained weight really fast that first week on maintenance.