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Originally Posted by Survalia View Post
I am one who went off plan yesterday, and I am very nervous now. I have not done this before and I am wondering if I will be sick again as I get back on? I did not binge, but I ate way too many carbs, for sure.
The last couple of weeks have been extremely hard. So, I too, and anticipating not feeling very well going back OP 100%. I'm prepared for it though. It's the price paid for having a good time and I am not going to feel guilty. Be proud of yourself for being able to get back on program. That's what's most important. Drink all your water, take your vitamins and minerals and that will help get you through. Good luck Survalia!!
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I'm glad to be back. I took a break from the program while I graduated. Now that it is done, I am back. I just needed a mental break from always having something to think about. It has been nice. I am glad for those who stayed on plan and I understand not staying on plan as well.

Well today is a new day at least.
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Happy Monday everyone. I stayed OP through the holidays and had my second WI today. Down 3.4 lbs and another 11.25 inches. Woot Woot! Still hungry after lunch and supper but have taken some advice from here and that seems to help a little. Hopefully another week and the hunger issue will pass. Until then the inches melting away keep me motivated. Have a great day!
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Wow! Lots of great WIs and NSVs. Thanks for the great words Lisa, for those of us who did not remain OP. Congrats to those who did remain OP! It's all about the choices we make today that matter. Happy Holidays to all.
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Originally Posted by Mizzthingaling View Post
I'm glad to be back. I took a break from the program while I graduated. Now that it is done, I am back. I just needed a mental break from always having something to think about. It has been nice. I am glad for those who stayed on plan and I understand not staying on plan as well.

Well today is a new day at least.
Congratulations on graduating. That is a huge accomplishment. You will get right back on track with the weight loss.

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Happy Holiday Everyone!!

Went shopping today and actually fit into a size 2!!!!

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well.. i hope everyone had a great holiday we saw alot of family, and i feel like this was the busiest Christmas to date. having the baby this year definitely had something to do with that. i'm exhausted. i feel like i don't want to leave the house for a WEEK! anyway, i luckily stayed OP. i'm not expecting to lose much weight (if any at all) on Thursday's weigh in because my TOM is right around the corner, and i'm one of those who doesn't lose that week. i made up for it last time the following week, so that's encouraging.
the food and desserts were tough to be around for thanksgiving and Christmas. i went to a bunch of parties and there was a huge spread at each place. i was chomping at the bit, trying to pretend my hot tea was something on the table. i made the entire Christmas dinner last night for my fiance's family, solo. couldn't eat anything but the turkey and some green beans..grrr.
although the holidays were hard, what is even harder for me is living with someone like my fiance'. he has a super speedy metabolism and literally HAS to eat like every 2 hours, unless sleeping. he can eat WHATEVER he wants. his cholesterol is perfect, blood pressure is stellar, sugar levels are normal, and anything else you can think of is right on target.... oh and he's UNDER weight by at least 25 lbs. it's SO frustrating!! he's constantly eating delicious meals and snacks. tonight was rough...i think it was even worse than thanksgiving and Christmas--- he bought a pizza and fries from OUR FAVORITE pizzeria... i held the box steady in my lap the whole way home.. my nostrils were flaring at the scent of the delicious-ness it contained. oh yea, that was tough! didn't cheat tho. i can't wait to have a slice of that again. people have started to really comment on how much i've "slimmed down." i'm glad people are finally starting to notice. 20 lbs down...can't wait to see the same people in a month or two when i'm another 20 down.
congrats to all with your weigh ins and inches lost! very proud of everyone...especially during the season of FOOD! << or so it seems :/ good luck on weigh ins this week
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