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Default 3 things I want to do....

Going to try to get some thoughts as to what everyone wants to do when they lose their weight or some thoughts that keep you motivated.....

1. Shop at a regular store not plus size
2. Fly somewhere and be comfortable in my seat
3. For my hip to stop hurting, the more I lose the less it hurts

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I would like to look in the mirror and LOVE what I see
I would love to look awesome in a pair of jeans and be comfortable too.
I would love to not feel ashamed by how I look.
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1. Be able to buy clothing and motorcycle gear without going XXXL - done
2. Agree with Wuv be able to fly without being too big for the seat, find out in December
3. Feel confident in myself and the way I look and able to be much more active with my growing son - working on it.
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This was fun to think about...

1. Be confident wearing a sleek swimsuit on the beach or on a cruise.
2. Be able to run a mile or three without collapsing.
3. Look good nekkid... *blush* ... even if it's just me looking...

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1:wear a little black dress.
2:go to a waterpark and go on every slide.
3:got to one of those tree top obtacle course things without worrying i will snap the cord and plummet to my death..
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Had to think about this...
3. to fit into my sister's clothes (use to as a teen, sad thing is she still has some of those clothes so I did a test drive last time I was at her place)
2. to look good "naked" thanks Auntie for this one...
1. Of course.... To be able to fit on any rollercoast without the attendant looking at me and say wait we have a special car for you!... Love rollercoasts and can now ride them without this.
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3 lbs at a time!
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1. Sit in an airplane seat and not worry about my buldge touching the person beside me - accomplished!! woo hoo!!
2. Feel comfortable in a bathing suit.
3. Go dancing with my hubby looking and feeling great.
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1 Not feel like I have to tuck my shirt in to hide my gut
2 Look at a photo of me and not say "that's not who I am"
3 Take all my 2XL shirts & stretch pants to Goodwill

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1. I want to go kayaking with my family.
2. Fit comfortably in an airline seat with lots of room left in the seat belt.
3. shop, shop, shop (and not in the large size department)
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1. Be the hottest wife in the room (and then go dancing with my hubby)
2. Go horeseback riding (most places have a 250 weight limit)
3. Wear an outfit with a belt and my shirt tucked in
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There are so many, I dont know which to choose

1. Look in the mirror or see a picture of myself and not be shocked at what I see. I want the reflection of myself to match my inner self image.

2. I want to fit comfortably into seats at theatres, roller coasters, planes etc.

3. I want stamina, to be able to run with the kids, ride my bike for miles.

lastly I want to be attractive, not "OMG, look at that fat girl." This one is a biggie because it is what I have heard my whole life as I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. #1 is big also because I am continuously shocked when I look into the mirror thinking to myself "that can't be me" as that is not how I see myself. Anyone else feel like that?
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1. Be able to run around with my kids instead of being too tired from running for 5 minutes.

2 Be able to shop in the regular clothes section

3. Love having my husband look at me instead of cringing inside when he does.
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My #1 is to lose the weight and reduce the pressure on my knees. I would like to put off knee replacement surgery. Unfortunately, I still have pain and take IBprophen.

#2 Is to fit in to all the smaller size clothing that I have in my closets from losing 105 pounds in 2001 and keeping most of it off until this last year when I quit walking and exercising due to my osteoarthritis.

#3 To like what I see when I have my picture taken. The pictures taken on vacation are what really motivated me to start IP immediatley after vacation even with company coming!
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Second time around
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Originally Posted by mamarenee View Post
I would love to not feel ashamed by how I look.
Please...don't ever be ashamed of being over weight This made me sad.

My three things:

1. Not have my belly roll over the top of my jeans.
2. Be happy with my body.
3. Stay at my goal after I reach it. This is my favorite one.
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I agree ....I like this thread. Good idea!
1. look at pictures and say "yeah, that's me" not "OMG!! Who has seen these before I did?? Destroy!"
2. Shop at Lululemon and pick out whatever I want and not be embarrassed that it doesn't come in "my size"
3. Being able to maintain effectively and permanently!!
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