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Default Company Meeting = nervous me!

Hey all! So I have been on IP since 08/28 and have lost 15 lbs. I have not cheated once through parties and get togethers. BUT...I have a sales meeting for work coming up next week. It starts Monday for dinner and drinks, all day Tuesday followed by dinner/drinks, and most of the day Wed. I know they will have lunch brought in for us on Tue and Wed.

I am really nervous about how I am going to keep OP during those 2.5 days. Has anyone been through something similar? Any advise would be incredibly helpful and appreciated!!!

Thank you all so much!!!
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I feel for you! I had a 2 day conference my second week on IP and I was very worried about it! I put a RTD shake in my purse to take the place of the breakfast and fortunately, they offered salad as a lunch choice with dressing on the side. I didn't bring my own dressing (which you could, but I was embarrassed enough sneaking my shake in and hardly eating any of the food) so I dipped my fork in the dressing provided and mostly ate the salad dry. I would have brought a bar in my purse too but they weren't letting me eat restricted yet.

There were no drinks at my conference. You can just say no to that and order sparkling water. Most people won't question someone that doesn't drink. There are many reasons people choose no alcohol. Good luck and congrats on your 15 lbs!
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Luckily, my company is very IP-friendly, so that makes trainings and conferences easy, but client functions can be a whole different ball game...very similar to your situation!

Sparkling water or soda water with lemon works as a good cocktail substitute. Dinner can be the easiest, since most catered meals include a protein choice, a vegetable choice, and a salad. Obviously, you need to avoid anything on the restricted list, anything drowned in butter or dressing, etc...sometimes I end up eating the protein choice (seems like it's usually chicken or fish) and just poking around at the rest. Lunch can be trickier since it tends to involve sandwiches a lot, but worst case scenario, you can just eat the turkey and lettuce, not the bread. And definitely take a ready-made shake (or two) with you...they're a life-saver. Better to ingest an extra 100 calories and 20 grams of protein and not be hungry than go OP. Also, have a water bottle on hand at all'll stay hydrated and keep your hands and mouth occupied if you're feeling tempted to stray. Either way, you got this, and congrats on the 15 lbs!
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You can do this! It'll be easier than you think. As for happy hour with drinks and such, do water or sparkling water with lime wedges to give you a little variety, or get some Mio sweetened with Splenda. That should help for the drinks.

As for lunch, if there is no salad option, just have lean protein there too and no carbs. Would you be able to sneak pickles or cucumbers in so that you can eat those as a snack in the afternoon?

And if you're allowed restricted items, you can bring a bar or cheese curls, whatever you have. Good luck! You can totally do this!
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My work does this to me all the time too - most of the lunches will usually have a salad in my experience, but if not and it's things like sandwiches, grab a knife and fork and pull off the bread (easier said then done, I know!). I too carry around a RTD shake in my bag and/or a bar if you are able to do restricted. Good luck!! You can make it!!
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I talked to my coach about some tough situations I get in, and she agreed with my thought to have an extra bar if needed rather then to stray off plan. I do take my dressing with me now and I'm no longer feel embarrassed about it, I've made the choice to lose weight and be in control, that positive attitude sure helps me get though those temptations.

Most all sessions have breaks so if you want use that opportunity to down your shake. The ready to drink items help too, if you can keep them cold. I'd also say talk with whoever is providing lunch, most will do what they can to accommodate your dietary needs. Ask for a larger salad rather then the normal meat/starch they serve. Most companies would rather have a healthy staff that isn't over weight (keeps their insurance costs down) so I bet you'll find plenty of support. Good luck!
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Where I work the boss takes the staff out to the pub on fridays for lunch.....the boss is my husband. He calls it team building, where I am the only female but not the only person who should diet. I make it well known that we should chose a different location for lunch but the menu never changes with them.
I always have a salad lunch and lemon water and wait for my RTD after lunch when I need a little umph.
I wish you lots of luck but you can do this. It's getting much easier to make the right choices now.
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You all are awesome! Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions! This is what I am thinking...a shake for breakfast and then for lunch on both days, I will say I need to get some work done. I will bring a couple of the restricted things...salt & vinegar ridges or bars for lunch. For my snack, I will excuse myself and inhale a ready made shake. Then dinner should be easy! I am so thankful that it is only 2 days as opposed to a week!
I love the idea of seltzer water with lime...they can all believe that it is my infamous vodka tonics!!! I just do not want to cheat!!! I feel like if I cheat once I will get sucked back in to old ways! I want this weight OFF!!!

Again, thank you sooo much!!! It is so nice to have so many people truly helping me to succeed!!! Hugs to you all!!!
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