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Originally Posted by Y Guy View Post
Was picking up some Eye of Round at our commercial Cash & Carry/Associated Grocers (where restaurants shop) and found the isle of Torani & DaVinci syrups and saw the Kahula Sugar Free from DaVinci and remember this thread, picked up a bottle for my wife.. but she'll have to steal it back if she wants some. For $3.85 it was a bargain.
I was getting ready to post this. Go to your local Cash & Carry or URM or whatever your local canned food store is and see if they have these. Mine does and you can get
ANY FLAVOR for under $4.00 for a 25.4 oz bottle.

You pay twice as much ordering online and on top of that you have to pay shipping.

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Thank you so much for bumping this awesome thread! I just ordered my flavors! Can't wait to experiment!
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Default Anybody got any suggestions for an Irish girl...

with a hankering for an actual taste?? None of the sites seem to send here! And I really would like to try some (well, all!) of the sugar free syrups. I've already made space in my kitchen - power of positive thinking!
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I found the Torani SF syrups really yummy. However, our market only stocks a few flavours of the SF type (but at $6.99 a bottle compared to $12.99 online plus shipping - I'm not complaining!). Sure wish I could get more flavours.... but we have the SF Hazelnut and SF Caramel and SF Vanilla.

I only use them in my coffee - never thought about putting in my puddings! I'm going to try that!

I did see at our Walmart the other day the Hazelnut Splenda packs and Caramel Stevia packs. So - I bought 1 of each... and this morning I went to Tim's for a decaffeinated XL coffee. I usually only use 1 splenda packet in that - but these flavoured ones have a lot less - so I used 1 1/2 - with 1 milk - it was pretty good. I still can't get down to black coffee. I've been decaf everything for 2 years now - but I have to have some milk in (which is better than the 4 cream 2 1/2 sugar I used to have! LOL!).
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I've tried Torani SF Hazelnut, Raspberry and Peach flavors. I got the Coconut awhile back but it smelled funny. Since I have it, I'll try it tomorrow to see if it tastes good. I use them in my coffee, yogurt and as a sweetener in my pancakes, waffles and other baked goods instead of stevia/other sweetener. I really like them! I think out of the 3 I've tried, Raspberry has 1 carb per 2 tablespoon serving; but I usually only use 2 tsp at the most.

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This is my newest find. Torani Sweetener syrup, 0/0/0, unlike the powdered splenda. I squirt 2 pumps into a glass of iced tea.....awesome! No extra flavor, just yummy sweetness.
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