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  • Purrfect - do you follow the plan perfectly? I fall off the wagon 1-2x a week and eat peanut butter. Sometimes a more modest portion than others. When I do this, I give up a restricted item. Obviously, I know I am not supposed to but PB somehow satisfies my cravings and my excess fatigue. Strange, maybe all in my head.

    Anyway, I feel the need to be more toned. I laid off the exercise the first 2 1/2 weeks, getting maybe 4 total workouts in. I feel mushier all over even though I am going down in size. I don't want to lose muscle mass, which I understand to be a concern if you have the lower calorie lower carb diet, so I am afraid to do much yet want to do more.

    We have similar stats and similar goals, so curious how your progress has been, how you are feeling, etc.?