IP Daily Chat, Wednesday, 7/20

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  • Quote: good luck...btw, love that cow outfit!!!!
    Thanks! Isn't it the best?? I stole it from my little sister for a costume contest. It is so fun to walk around in (although noisy, because it continuously inflates itself with this little motor thing).... everything little move you make in it looks hysterical.
  • Thanks everyone for your responses/suggestions on my C problem. I did read all the threads recent and old on this subject, that's how I decided to try calm and colace. Anyway, I took my bottle of magnesium citrate and after I'm "empty" I"ll continue either with the Calm and colace or Miralax and colace.

    Thanks again!

    Good night
  • WF peanut Butter is very disgusting and a weird texture too, I would not recommend this product. My clinic lets us taste a lot of the products before we buy them. Ask if you can have a sample before you waste your money on this! If they have a fridge they should let people try these things first because a lot of WF are NOT good, have weird textures and weird chemical tastes.
  • Quote: Are these like the Shiritaki noodles --- smell like fish and have to be rinsed many, many times to be used?
    Yes. If you rinse in cold water for a couple of minutes then boil in hot water for 1 minute or so they are fine, no weird smells. Then try sautéing them with other ingredients in the sauté pan and lots of seasonings they were really good. reminded me of these ramen noodles that my husband eats, I had the angel hair looking ones.