Weight Loss and Clothing Sizes

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    And I can't image a 34F having only 3 fasteners.
    You don't have to imagine. Poke around at barenecessities.com and search by size and check the number of hooks.

    I'm in 34DDs at the moment, but at 34F I was wearing a lot of Wacoals with three hooks and Fantasies with two.
  • Oh Glory!

    This is making me worried and to think i havent even started yet..Im almost 6ft tall..and my boobs are like hella smaller than a lot of yours ..and yet i weigh almost 300 pounds..how does that work???? I mean..by bra size is only a 44C... how is it that im not in DD? This makes no sense to me.. and now im worried im not going to lose sizes...!eeek!