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Smile My 1st Post

I am in my 3rd week of IP and I too, wish I would have found this diet years ago. My 1st WI-lost 9.8 and my 2nd WI-lost 5.2 for a total of 15 lbs in 2 weeks!

I love this website and have been using it for recipes and tips but haven't ever posted. Love the support and encouragement that you all provide so decided to join.

Thin wishes for all!!
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Hello to all> I am just getting back on IP after having some medical problems. Thank god I did not gain any. I was lucky and stayed the same. I found out that my thyroid was not working correctly after a routine blood test. I am really glad that I had this done because it explained why I have been so run down and tired for about 6 months.
I was also grateful to find another IP clinic to switch to in my area. My first clinic was not a very fulfilling experience.
Anyway, love all of the success stories that I read here and that really gives me the inspiration to finish my IP journey!
Everyone have a great rest of the evening!
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Thanks for the feed back, i'm excited to start this program and to hopefully, get the same kind of results that so many of you are having. I wish I could have my appointment sooner!
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Originally Posted by becca1978 View Post
My coach told me that the salad was a requirement; however, she knew I would eventually have days when I wouldn't want to eat it. She said just even have just a couple pieces because that was better than none.
My coach didn't say salads were a requirement. My understanding is that its 2 cups of vegetables each for lunch/dinner and you can have an unlimited amount of lettuce if your veggies are in the form of a salad.
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Originally Posted by Losingtime View Post
My coach didn't say salads were a requirement. My understanding is that its 2 cups of vegetables each for lunch/dinner and you can have an unlimited amount of lettuce if your veggies are in the form of a salad.
That's my understanding too. Just 2 cups of vegetables. Lettuce helps you add roughage so your not constipated. I personally lean more to just vegetables.
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Originally Posted by Bickel83 View Post
Good morning!
Last night WI #2 got me to 9.5 lbs lost. Feeling pretty good, and it could be my imagination, but I think my skirt is fitting looser today.
Having fun killing time today by reading old posts and learning as much as possible.

Travling this weekend with Firends on IP. Two have agreed to cheat for the weekend to enjoy themselves. What should I do??? I kinda want to drink with them and they have a special breakfast planned too. Anyone have any thoughts on how I can still be the life of the party on IP?
Are you kidding me you should yell at them...tell this this is the time to have fun together and it not be about food...make it a fun game and help each other figure out what foods you can eat to stay on program...tell them to stuff a sock in it...no no no...see all 3 of you should be backing each other..I bet one is more sabbatoge then the other...help keep them straight...don't cheat and tell them..you know what I'm going to have fun with out it being about food...don't let someone else ruin your program..this is about you...you you you...and let yourself enjoy the journey to a healthier you...

tell them lets do something with some movement involved,,,,,,
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This thread is now closed.

Please place new posts on today's daiy chat thread: IP Daily Chat- Wednesday, June 22
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