Phase II

  • I am still in Phase I but someone said jumping to Phase II can kind of kick start again. Does anyone have the Phase II sheet from their coach?
  • Sorry to be the messenger here....Unless you have had NO weight loss for more then 3 weeks and have had weight gain it is not recommended moving to phase 2. If you can give us more information on what is going on with you.... how tall are you, how much do you weigh, how much do you want to loose, what are you eating every day, do you drink all your water, do you take your supplements, are you exercising, what is your average weight loss so far??????? -- I think there are ways to tweak phase 1 a bit to keep you moving in the right direction - for me phase 2 actually made me gain weight but I am okay with that since I am at goal.. my point is that phase 2 could backfire on you. I think you should try a few phase 1 tweaks first. (and I see you have only been doing this approximately 8 weeks which is a typical time for a first major stall...but it does get better and you will get over the stall...while still doing phase 1)