Do people know that you are on this diet??

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  • I just learning to eat better..healthier..

    Heaven forbid i should say anything to my family..they would have my head on the chopping block..including my mother..she would be saying "its not healthy, there are not enough calories, its not healthy to live on drinks and packet foods"...

    My mother is a nurse..need i say more? and plus..she doesnt even bother to read anything i give her for information..she thinks she knows it all.
  • My husband and a few others know. Of course the ones who have gone through it themselves or are going through it now because we communicate on a daily basis. I had to kinda tell a few coworker because we had a lunch meeting on Tuesday and they are always nosing in my business when I eat differently. I have been on a couple of diets in the last 5 years and lost 25 pounds once and 30 another so they just think it's another one of my stupid diets that I'm wasting time with because I'll gain it back anyway. My mom would be supportive I think but I just haven't felt the need to say anything yet. My sister will think I am nuts but she drinks very heavily and has her own weight problems so what she says comes from jealousy, not concern, and I've learned to deal with that.

    I think I'm keeping to myself because I'm afraid of failure one more time. I also chose to have the people who are mentoring me do it because I know they are ones that will keep me honest. I need accountabilty. Although I keep repeating, "what you eat in private shows in public" to myself and I haven't cheated once!