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Unhappy Day 1..not even half over and feel awful

Okay is it normal to feel like crap the first day? Im not even half way through my day and i feel horrible! The shakes are faaaar too sweet so i have to plug my nose cause i hate the taste..bleh And now i have a massive headache..Suprisingly.. i dont feel hungry AT ALL...which is a miracle...the thought of food right now doesnt seem digestable..Im drinking lots of plain water...and i still cant deal with this disgusting taste in my mouth from these shakes.. Right now..the first half of my making the second half of my day with veggies and protein look like a vacation...Thank God for veggies and chicken!

Still dont feel tired yet..which is good..cause i have to keep up with my daughter..Ive tried a shower and now im going to try a light walk down to the beach in hopes fresh air will help.. No wonder you drink lots of water on this program..

Anyone else feel like this on the first day? When did it go away?
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We've all been there! Hang in and it will get better. It's so worth it!
I didn't get the ickies on day 1, but day 2 was nasty. My big issues were the taste in the mouth and the headache. The taste likely will not stay- it may just be your body detoxing. Pickles really help with mouth yuck. I think it's the vinegar cleaning things out. Keep drinking water and maybe brush your teeth or use mouthwash to kill the taste.
It will get much better soon. After the rough patch you will feel a massive boost in energy- and of course the weight loss. Hang in there!
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Oh dear. What shakes have you tried? Your tastes change as time goes on, but maybe you need to find a different kind of shake for now. I'm using Weiders Whey protien Peach mango flavour, and it isn't sweet at all. I actually add a teaspoon of splenda to it sometimes.
The headache is either from not enough water or carb withdrawl. I too had huge headaches the first couple of days, and I took tylenol to get thru it. Once all the toxic carbs are out of your system, everything will stabilize for you. Tough it out for 3 days, and reevaluate. This program is worth it and it does work. Not too much exercise - it's advised that we take it easy (at least in the begining!)
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I bawled my eyes out day one, haha. I'd have a bit of sea salt to help with the headache. I'd keep a list of the foods you don't like and the ones you find bearable so when you go to buy more food you don't buy something terrible. To tone down the sweetness it might help to add more water then the instructions say. Good Luck! By day 4 hopefully you will be feeling better and after your first weigh in it will be sooo worth it!
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Agreed on the suggestion to add more water. Some things need about double the suggested amount, IMO.

No suggestions for the headaches... I was never able to get over them.
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Hey, it's my first day, too! I feel like I might be crazy, but I actually liked the oatmeal and the mushroom soup, and I had expected to dislike both! I feel pretty decent today - which surprised me because I have not been living the cleanest, and I still expect some detoxing to come, I guess...Stick with it - just keep thinking, "the program is guaranteed, you just have to follow it" and pretty soon 3 weeks will have flown by and you'll be fitting into new sizes! Well, that's what inspires me, anyway!
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Started IP 2/25/2011...
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Commit to one week. You can both do anythign for a week. I had a breakthrogh about day 3... Definitelyt take salt for the headaches... drink tons of water. Make sure you are taking your supplements. Enjoy!
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IP started 4/25/11
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I'm pretty sure I read that you are doing alternatives...and not actual IP foods. If this is so...Please Please Please go buy a different protein!!! You will not be able to hang on if the thought of drinking the shake makes you want to hurl.

I do alternatives..and truly enjoy the protein that I bought..but I still had to buck up and order from nashua nutrition..and having variety makes this a whole lot more doable! Yes I have foods that I've bought and don't I finish them...yes..but not the one protein powder I bought...that my kids and hubby ads to smoothies to use it up. I can't and won't make me finish the protien powder that just about gags me to even think about it!

For your own sake, You are worth another purchase of protein powder! Especially if that is your only protein option!
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those first few days are hard. hang in there!
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Headaches are fairly common when starting an ultra low carb diet. By day four you shouldn't have a headache. If you do - then you're probably not a good candidate for the IP diet. Some people just do not function well if carbs are too low but you need to give your body time to adjust to utilizing fat for fuel.

Two things can help:
Make sure you're getting enough water.

Make sure you're getting your essential minerals. This is one thing to be careful of if you're using alternative products - not getting enough sodium and potassium can exacerbate the process of adjusting to a ketogenic diet.
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Add a sprinkle of sea salt to your water through the day. I found the keeping a slow steady flow of salt I did not get the headache. I week two I did not need the extra salt. You will balance out. Give it time.
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I am finishing day 7. The first 5 were pretty bad but I never had any headaches-go figure. I also thought that some of the drinks were way too sweet. Watering it down helps there, as someone else suggested. Pickles help with weird tastes in the mouth. Do you like the soup or omelet? If so, these are not sweet and might help you get through the first few hellish days. The pina colada drink is pretty tart, so that might be a good bet for you. I promise it does get better and the results are definitely worth it. Hang in and come back and let us know how you're doing!

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