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Default What's your goal?

Hey fellow IPers! Time to dream - share your goals! What do you want to get out of this diet? Is it a number, is it a size, is it looking a certain way? Why do you want that, and what does it mean to you?
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I want a flat stomach firstly. I will lose until I get as close as possible and have surgery if there is any skin left. I am not sure on the weight, but 167 is a good place to see if I need to go further.

I would like to be a 6 or 8 and wear my first swimsuit since being a child.
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Third time's the charm!
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I want to fit into my jeans from high school and possibly feel confident enough to wear a bikini!
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Started IP 20-Apr-2011
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I would like to wear a two piece bathing suit. I may consider a tummy tuck to rid me of the stretch marks (I look like a burn victim).

I would like to be a comfortable size 2 and have people be amazed that I have seven kids. That is around 130-135 for me at 5'4"
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IP Started 10 May 2011
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I want to be back down to a size ZERO! Hopefully I will lose some weight in my breasts as well, since being pregnant and giving I have gone from a large B to an E, I haven't seen my feet in almost a year and it's really beginning to weigh heavily on my back and posture. I am a short person(5') and very disproportionate, so my goal is to lose 50# and fit in my favorite little black dress again and stop hiding in the house. I feel terrible that I have very few pictures of me with my daughter and none of those photos are full length and it makes me very sad that I am so ashamed of my weight I refuse to take pictures of me and my first baby The guilt hurts as I wanted to be a perfect parent and all I do is sit at home with her rather than take her out and show her the world. That is my motivation!!!
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Started IP 6/23/10
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Since the clothing industry has done something really wonky with our dress/pant sizes in the last 10 years I'm not aiming for a size anymore. I always dreamed of being a 14 again. Soon I will be in 12s (never thought in a milion years!). I want my waist back. I want to hike with my husband in the mountains. I want to buy any outfit and have it fit, no matter what the tag says. Those were fond memories of younger years. I could put on any dress, suit, or jeans and they always looked great. Tired of trying on 10 pairs of jeans just to walk out of the dressing empty handed and red eyed.
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I want to see the six pack hiding under my belly Fat...and my stomach is pretty flat now! Argh
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I want to be 105-110 pounds, although I am willing to stop before that if I find I am happy with my adult body before then. I want to see all the muscle I have worked so hard to build over the past year! I know it's there under all the squish! I want to feel sexy in any clothes and to be able to shop at all the cute stores (even if I can only afford to buy one item after I break the bank to get there!). Most importantly, I want to maintain this weight loss for the next 50 years!
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Height: 5' 1"


My initial goal when starting was always to fit in a size 6 pair of American Eagle jeans. Througout the process I had started to focus on the number on the scale even though I had reached my original goal. I had to retrain myself not to concentrate on the scale but to think about how I was feeling. Original goal met and I'm feeling great!!
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Height: 5'7


I want to feel good, and confident around my skinny friends. I want to go shopping in any store not just the plus size ones....
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S/C/G: 197.6/see ticker/140

Height: 5'7"


I want to stop being ashamed of my body. I want to be able to take my kids the the public pool. I want to be able to buy clothes anywhere. I want to look good in pictures. My original goal weight was 150 I'm 27lbs from there and I think I'm going to try for 140lbs. I'll decide 100% cloer to goal. Maybe this next 25lbs will make a bigger difference.
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IP started 4/25/11
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Height: 5'5"


My goal:

To not be that girl anymore. The one that tries her hardest to be unnoticed. Frumpy clothes, no make up, Hair tied back, and no effort put into herself at all!
I have already changed my hair color. It's now stand out red/blonde instead of brown. Next step for me, besides losing the weight, is to spend some time on "me" every day. I will wear heels if that's what I want, even though hubby complains about it. I will find clothes that I LOVE, not clothes that hide me as best as I can find.

When I originally started my journey on weightloss. I was a 24 pant, and a 3x shirt. Though I'd wear bigger shirts...just to be baggier and hide more of me. I am currently in a 14 and an xl shirt..and I still feel like I have to hide more of me. It's not very often that I am not wearing a bulky hoodie, but now that the weather is nicer, I'm going to have to shed that layer. So shedding that layer, I have a goal of shedding some of my self consciousness as well.

I am who I am now, and I'm proud of her! I think she needs to let herself be seen.
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I want to weigh less than my husband. When we met 18 yrs ago, I did. But he likes to buy me food or pop or any little treats that he knows I like. Up until I started IP he brought a candy bar home every night for us to share.

I would already be there, except he has lost about 20 lbs since I went on IP. Grrr... I need to make him eat the candy bars again, but by himself this time! Just kidding, I am very happy that the whole family is eating better now.
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At this point in time, I just want to get back to my "normal" weight of about 190. I'm OK there. I set my total goal by the charts at 150. I can't think that far ahead without losing it, so I'm focusing on 190.
Beyond weight, my goal is to get back into running. I feel too uncomfortable running right now. I also want to really work on creating my body and get into weight lifting again.
Ultimately, what I want is to feel a sense of mastery over my body and my relationship with food. I haven't been in touch with my body since pregnancy. I want it to be my own again.
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I have HOPE!
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My mini goal is to lose enough weight that I feel confident when I go to visit my ex boyfriend who lives out of town. I am recently divorced and there's still a spark there between us but I am nervous because I weigh about 80 lbs more than when I knew him before. He knows this but I just feel I look SO different so my goal is to lose more and gain more confidence!
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