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Originally Posted by GailMarie View Post
You will do great, I have confidence in you, try your best to stay positive! Can't wait to hear from you Thursday
I know how you feel with a small loss, but we have to look at our long term goals...mine is PEANUT BUTTER on a spoon YUMMY
Love your long term goal! Mmmmm...real PEANUT BUTTER on a spoon...can't wait!
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In arizona on a business trip... I am struggling!

While here I have found it to be a challenge to eat my 4 cups of veggies I have kind of been on phase 2 unintentionally. The last two days have gone like this:
Sunday Morning: Chocolate drink
Sunday Afternoon: romaine salad with cucumbers, red peppers and grilled chicken breast and olive oil
Sunday Night: HUGE steak(16oz). garden salad with no dressing

This morning: Chocolate Drink
This afternoon: small romaine salad with chicken breast, tablespoon of jicama salad (no dressing) pomegranite granola bar
Tonight: Blackened Ahi tuna with baby bok choi, asparagus and this sauce that had spicy mustard( chinese hot style) and butter. I was assured that there was no sugar though...

Did I completely screw myself up? I don't think I will be able to get back on track fully until I get home on Wednesday evening. Should I just keep doing what I am doing? Any ideas would be very appreciated, I have limited resources here...
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good luck to you juiceman. i've really enjoyed reading your posts. you are very knowlegable. i wish you luck with trying to finish with exercise and taking in all you've learned. i hope you check in on us once in awhile to keep us motivated. its amazing 80 lbs in 107 days. good job!
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Originally Posted by Keair View Post
Can someone help me with the Big Mac in a bowl recipe! I cant find it anywhere!!!!!
If you ever needed it again, Jordanna listed it in the first posts of the tips for newbies thread. She is the person who came up with that recipe.

Originally Posted by Aunt Sheshie View Post
I haven't done kettlebells much since I joined the gym the middle of Feb... I still believe in them, I just got bored & wanted to do something else... I'm on Day 6, back on 100% protocol (my way!), & I think I've finally got my head back in the game... at least the tape measure is moving in the right direction again...

Oh, yeah, forgot to say, your new photo is fabulous... what a pretty lady you are!..

I am so happy for you! Back on protocol and seeing results, that must feel wonderful!

Thank you! I appreciate that. I am not very often pleased with my photos. Fortunately, this one wasn't too bad.

Originally Posted by BellyRubz View Post
Confession: Giving up alcohol has been THE HARDEST part of this for me. I have a husband who still indulges and sometimes I just kinda want throat punch him when he drinks in front of me.
LOL... that is so funny! And, you can tell you aren't alone. So many people have had issues with giving up alcohol. It really is a part of so many social moments, a way to relax, and just a compliment to a nice meal. At least you know it won't be forever.

Originally Posted by 2RIDEROLLERCOAST View Post
Carla I have missed you, you give such good advice. Glad you are back.
Thank you! I am so glad to see you still doing well!

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Well kids, I've been gone a long time, but I guess now is as good a time as any to drop back in.

I've missed you all terribly -- although I hardly recognize anyone at all. Carla, wonderful to see you on here, and Linden and Aunt Shesie -- I'm sure there are others. Carla, so sorry to hear about your loss, I am very close to my grandmother, and it makes me tear up to think about it.

I phased off last fall, and did really well until I started to go through my current state...I'm getting a divorce, filed in February. I've only gained 11 pounds, but, ahem, that's too many and I'd worked too hard to get where I was.

So, I'm back on track, mostly -- cutting out all carbs this week then back to full IP next week -- after a trip to my grandmothers -- where I'll be good with no carbs but maybe not perfectly IP.

I may not be able to check in every day, but I'll be doing my best!

Take care,
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Please post all threads on the new daily thread for Tuesday, May 3:
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Originally Posted by CheekyWit View Post
I am going to make a few suggestions-- however I am not sure how tall you are or how much your starting weight is -- a few things:

1.)It seems the less you have to loose (< 20 pounds) the slower it goes
2.) If you weigh over 200 pounds to start you may need to add an extra packet for a total of 4 per day rather then 3
3.) If you are tall - 5'7" for a woman and under 200 pounds you may still need to add some extra protein (I use 1 hardboiled egg a day in addition to my 3 packets)
4.) You may need to add a bit more fat to your diet in the form of olive oil - I need at lest 3 tsps per day or I don't loose
5.) are you suffering the big C (that can really cause a stall in weight loss)
6.) are you taking all your salt?
7.) are you taking all your vitamins
8.) Have you lost any inches -- some people lose visceral fat first which shows a bigger drop in inches than on the scale (incidentally this is a type of fat that is difficult to loose)
9.)are you near ovulation or your TOM

As for a stall you have lost absolutely nothing in the last 2 weeks? I know it is frustrating - I go through weeks were my losses are minimal followed by a "bigger" week - it just seems that is how my body works. You will start to see a pattern -just hang in there. For some people the gym helps them and for others it causes them to stall especially those doing resistance training. If you do go to the gym please read up on the exercise threads there are some good tips on how to modify your diet to compensate for cardio and weight training to ensure you don't stall, loose energy or loose muscle while working out

Hope this helps-- just keep at it, the plan does work I promise

CheekyWit, you are a wealth on knowledge and I so appreciated this information. I'm going to copy and paste this post to my computer to remind me of the things I need to be doing. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post
I didn't get a chance to reply to a few posts from yesterday.

Thank you! I am glad to be back. I really need this and getting back on track right now. I'm glad you like the pic! I really hate taking pictures so, I was pretty hope when I liked this one.

I am glad you have such great focus. You really can succeed with this!!

It may effect your weight loss to not eat them but, if you eat them at any time of day you should be fine.

I ate 1/2 cup with breakfast, 2 cup at lunch and 1-1/2 cup at dinner during the period I was losing the fastest.

Thank you! I also appreciate your sympathy. She really was a great lady. How are you?

Thanks! I am glad to be back. It is hard having such special people leave our life. I really have been lucky to have them in my life so long. I can completely relate to what you say about your grandparents!

Thanks! And, no, not so great. Really kind of rough. Lots of family issues on many fronts to deal with before the loss of Gran. I was hoping to get the weight off so she could see. Guess I have to do it anyway! How are you doing?

Thank you! That is so kind of you to say!! I guess we all have our people who helped us feel inspired! I know I had a few in the original group I really relied on too.

WOOO HOOO! That is awesome, Jess!

We are suppose to use sea salt that is mineralized or with its trace minerals in tact. Iodized salt like (morton's table salt) is not good for us. HOWEVER, you do want to have IODIDE in your salt as a trace mineral.

Here is something I got from a friend about sea salt when I told her I wasn't using Iodized salt anymore.

Table Salt Vs. Sea Salt

Besides the difference in the manufacturing process, sea salt and table salt differ in the following ways:

* While sodium and chlorine are the only minerals contained in table salt, sea salt has other minerals like iron, sulfur and magnesium naturally present in them. This increases the nutritive value of sea salt as compared to table salt. The various minerals present in sea salt helps us to maintain a healthy balance of the various electrolytes in the body.
* The refining process of table salt strips it of all of its minerals, other than sodium and chloride. This makes it an unnatural substance as compared to sea salt, and contributes to high blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases. On the other hand, health benefits of sea salt include, inducing proper sleep, promoting efficient working of the liver, kidneys and the adrenal glands. Sea salts also boost the immune system of the body and don't cause high blood pressure like refined table salt.
* Although, due to the higher mineral content, sea salt may be considered to be a healthier choice than table salt, it has its own drawbacks. One major disadvantage of sea salt is that it is a poor source of iodine. The iodine that is added during the refining process of table salt makes it a better source of iodine than sea salt.
* Another health concern that sea salt raises, is the fact that it is obtained from sea water that contains a number of impurities. The sea water is neither boiled nor treated, as that would make it lose the minerals that gives it all its nutritive value.
* Table salt is fine, white crystals. Sea salt on the other hand may have a slight grayish color if they are from the coastal areas of France, or may pinkish hue if it came from some other exotic locale. It may be coarse or fine grained.
* Due to the presence of many minerals, sea salt is not as 'salty' as table salt. It may be slightly flavored.

Some retailers may sell sea salts that are fine-grained and white in color. If you want to enjoy the advantages of sea salt, be sure that it is the unrefined one and contains the minerals that gives it an edge over table salt.
Thanks so much for clearing up the salt issue here. I want to be sure that I'm getting the 'right' kind of salt.

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