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Great job everyone!!
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S/C/G: Weight loss goal 60 pounds


Thanks TORIDEROLLERCOASTER! ya I think part of the reason I had a big loss this week was because the house sale is finalize lol I was terrified something would go wrong and I would loose it!

That is amazing that you can avoid the temptation of cooking! I am a big baker but haven't even attempted baking anything for anyone since I started IP I'm too scared!
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Hello to everyone am still here, just been busy so have not been on for a while. Well finally have met my goal and passed it by a little, so on to phase 3, just started it this morning so hope all goes well with no weight gain.
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Congratulations to everyone on there losses and NSV's this week. I weigh in on Thursday and am hoping I have a way better way in than last week. I only lost 0.2 last week.
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Stephanie I was finally able to see your picture, (pictures don't come up on the work pc) You look so beautiful and what a beautiful and handsome couple you make.
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Default Good Job today

Great job today everyone, let's stay OP tomorrow too.
Good night.
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Originally Posted by dunwitfat View Post
Well, I am very close to my goal weight. I'm feeling great about not being on blood pressure meds - Any advice for Phase II ?
Phase 2 is really nothing to be afraid of it just changes your lunch to meat/egg instead of a packet. Takes a little more prep time but I lost more on it than at the end of phase 1. It is not no more difficult than phase 1.

Originally Posted by Pxlkitty4 View Post
I'm nowhere near goal, but here is what I've learned based on lots of reading. Phase 2 is exactly like Phase 1 except you have an additional protein meal for lunch and go down to 2 packets. I think the total amount of veggies for the day remains the same. Some people have reported losing more on phase 2 than one phase 1... You shouldn't get kicked out of ketosis in this stage...

I would be scared about Phase 3... but must admit that I am also dreaming of my first Phase 3 breakfast of yoghurt, fruit, and TOAST!

BTW, A huge CONGRATS! about not being on blood pressure medication. That is truly fantastic!
Originally Posted by JCWilkie View Post
I just wanted to share my NSV with everyone.
Yes, first day on phase 3 and it was great this morning, had 2 pieces of 18 grain toast and a yougart strwberry shake. Was really quite good and it was better than having a packet for breakfast. The fresh Strawberries in the shake was great, I have been craving fruit.
I have been struggling with the program for the last month. Not sure if I should phase off as I have some functions that are coming up and also not sure if I can justify the costs of the products anymore. After trying on a pair of spring pants that I haven't been able to wear for years, they fit! Noy only do they fit, they look fabulous! And....if I stay on the program, dedicated to my goal, they may be too big for me by summer!

Just wanted to throw my success out there for inspiration to anyone else that is struggling. It's hard to argue with the results that we are all seeing on this program!

Hope everyone has an amazing day!
Originally Posted by snowclover View Post
Oh yeah. My tongue was so dry one morning it felt prickly. LOL
yes a lot of morinings my mouth is dry to but after brushing my teeth it is fine.

If it were me I would be temped to stick it out, you don't have far to go and I was also getting dicouraged when I was almost to my goal but stuck it out and it paid off.
Originally Posted by Hollmark View Post
Thanks for the info. I guess I'll give phase 2 a go for 4 days!!
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced high LDL ( bad one ) cholesterol on the diet. MY coach says it was suppose to lower it. I went to get blood tests done to see how everything was working and now I have increased choleserol, hoping it will straighten out once into phase 4, if not then will need tablets. I have never had high cholesterol in my life, also may just be coincedence because have not had blood work done in while either.

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Originally Posted by 2RIDEROLLERCOAST View Post
Happy Tuesday everyone,
nredgirl I read your lunch story, very funny. Sad though I left some chocolates and stuff for work out this morning and am so scared my dog "Rebel" is going to get into them and eat the tinfoil and all. I just about turned around and went home but I have to be at work... Hopefully nothing will happen and I will see two happy dogs when I get home, and I won't see peanutbutter eggs and tinfoil in the smiles of a certain dog.

Everyones stories are so great, it makes me happy to read how you all are doing every day. Couts71 is away so it was nice to see him online today. He is my own personal adviser in the office if I have any questions... I am happy so far with my weight loass and the program. I do have concerns with loose skin but am reading up about that. Looking forward to my half way point I am hoping to be at in a week or two. I look forward like everyone else to the different phases but am also scared as I am comfortable right now with my 3 packets and veggies. When I have to add another protein in on my own then I will have to start thinking again. Hopefully by that time I will have a better idea of what I want and proceed from there.

I have been asked by people when I will stop my diet and I basically told them when I feel right, as of right now I see way too much fat still on my body that I have to lose before then. But am now experience things like oh why is my hip sore, hmmm sleeping with less fat can be uncomfortable. Also I have been cold since starting IP my friend who is on another diet said she was cold fore 8 months but is finally normal again.... I was always hot before now I wear long sleeved shirts and hoodies to work.

Okay enough of my rambling I have to get back to work. Ontario Have a great vacation and keep up the good work.

I thought i was the only one that is freezing all the time. especially when i go to bed. i put my fuzzy pj's on and i wake up in the night frozen. its sooooo weird. is this normal?
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Originally Posted by Ray View Post
I thought i was the only one that is freezing all the time. especially when i go to bed. i put my fuzzy pj's on and i wake up in the night frozen. its sooooo weird. is this normal?
I started wearing wool socks to bed! I used to have a fan going and DH was the one who was freezing!
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maintaining as of 6/1/11!
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Originally Posted by longdivision View Post
my NSV for this week: my weight loss has slowed quite a bit. i've been working on the same pound for the last 3 days - watching it come off 2 ounces at a time. so frustrating! however, this week i am wearing size 10 skinny jeans! i can't ever remember wearing size 10. when i was in high school at 145 lbs i was wearing a size 12. this is blowing my mind because is still see my hips and thighs as being huge. i still see my entire body as being huge! i wonder if i'll still feel this way when i am in an 8 or a 6? oh well, either way i am happy as can be about wearing a size 10 in jeans! oh, and being at my driver's license weight (which was always a big "I WISH!").
Laura, I was battling this too! I fought the same 2 lbs for 3 weeks! Gah. Sooooo aggravating. And then dropped 5.6 lbs the next week. I understand still seeing your body as huge - some days I do too. I think that part of it is the fact that my clothes still fit the same way - you know, my jeans are still close fitting over the thighs, the waist is better even though the jeans are 8 sizes smaller! It's definitely more evident to me when I wear one of my old sweatshirts or something that is hanging off of me... I tried on my wedding dress again the other day - I can pull it on without even unzipping it and it just hangs on me like a sack. I have surpassed my DL weight by more than 25 lbs and when I hit goal, I'm going to go in and get a new one! The picture doesn't look like me at all...
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Hi everyone I have been on ip since february. I believe that I am what is referred to as a "lurker" as I read but don't post. It's been slow and difficult. I have never once lost more than 2 lbs at a weigh in. It is you guys that keep me going. Your posts have made me laugh, cry, and mostly feel incredibly humbled. Many of you have overcome amazing obstacles and lost insane amounts of weight, what are my challenges compared to THAT. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and the hearts of my fellow "lurkers".

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Arrow This Thread is now Closed

Please place all new posts, replies, and comments on today's thread: 20 April 2011

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Originally Posted by SJackson View Post
Hello and good evening to everyone!!! My coach asked me today if I wanted to try the new Broccoli & Cheese soup. I said..."oh no, not until I ask around if anyone liked it"....LOL
If anyone has tried it, please let me know.

LOVE LOVE LOVE it...BUT....had a very unfortunate incident of a ripping migraine the next day. Found out it has msg in it.
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I find when I am really cold seems I lose the most weight. Was so cold yesterday, went down three more lbs. Seems my scale stays the same then kaboom down she goes lol.
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