Ideal Protein Dieters: What is your average weight loss per week?

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  • I've lost 38 in 8 weeks, which averages about 4.75 a week. I had hoped for 5 a week, so just under that. However my coach told me that as I approach goal I should expect around 3 pounds a week or less, as an average. That of course is solely for ME, as we are all different...but that 3 pounds average gave me a "reached goal" date of June 2nd.

    So I have a long way to go, but it (phase 1) won't be permanent, there's an end in sight.
  • I think that seems a bit high unless you are just starting out. I average about 1-2 pounds a week, but depending on the week it could be more.
  • I'm pretty sure it all depends on your starting weight. If your starting weight is higher you'll probably lose more per week starting out. I'm losing about 2lbs per week and I'm only in my 3rd week. I don't mind the slow progress though since I only want to lose about 20 lbs. I'm just happy the scale goes down each week :-) I also frequently cheat by eating 2 IP snacks per day so that may be part of the reason also.
  • Need to lose 105lbs!!!!!
    Started out at 255. At first weigh in I was 247! Unfortunately it was that time of the month, so I figure I would have lost around 10lbs! Tightening up on the restricted food this week. I only got 4 restricted foods. I will slowly decrease down to 2 restricted foods a week!!! I only have until the beginning of August to be finished with all phases of this diet, so I am going to go as hard as possible!!!
  • What Do I Need To Average?
    To reach my phase 1 goal by July 6th, I will need to average a loss of at least 5lbs a week! So far I am on the right track!
  • Cutting out the restricted and paring down the vegetables will not make you lose weight faster. If you are physically active you may find that it hinders loss, rather than aiding it.

    Calories, carbs and fat are pruned right down to the lowest healthy amount you can have and not lose an excessive amount of muscle and lean tissue. By reducing what you are supposed to have (and the restricteds are built into the program deliberately) you run the risk of increasing your body fat percentage as you lose the weight. Ultimately, it will kill your metabolic rate and increase the length of time you take to phase out.
  • Love the weight loss results
    Hi.i have just started my IP phase 1
    Within 3 weeks I lost 7 pounds. It's slow but I love the diet I'm doing right now.
  • I've lost on average 2.07 lbs per week in my 19 weeks on ideal protein. I know it would be higher if I was able to stay on plan consistently but I just happy that I'm losing weight at all. My metabolism was in a terrible state when I started IP.
  • Going on my rebooted 3rd week. Seems about 2lbs a week, so far.... though I was on TOM, one of those weeks.
  • New to IP
    This is my 2nd week

    My initial week loss 6.7 lbs that was exciting!!! 2nd week less for sure more like a couple lbs so wanting for the balance in week 3.

    I can use all the tips out there anyone wants to send out. The Coach is great! weekly accountability helps tremendously--but, what helps more is the seeing the actual outcome of loss & healthier days in the future. Food not so bad at all. Cost is quite noticeable.

    I appreciate the education re: eating habits & pitfalls w/outings. missing my bread for real and planning to embark upon
  • Usually 2-3 lbs every week and sometimes double that luckily this trend is going for a few months. Yes, on weeks that get stalled are the ones where I have strayed away from my plan.
  • Hi -- new here! I have been on this program for 35 days, and have lost 20 lbs so far. I had started with the intention of losing 25 in three months, so am happy with what I've done so far.

    I really think that the coaching and not having to make decisions about food every meal is key, for me.
  • back at it after 4 years - today is day 1 - wish me luck.
  • Hi there! New here!

    I actually joined this site oh...15+ years ago. I was like the 1500 person to join but I have long since lost my UN and PW. I doubt I even have that email anymore. ANYWAY.... I am back! I have aged, lol, and put on some weight. I have used high protein diets in the past and I know they WORK. My question is this; how log does it take for the sugar cravings to go away? I will hang in there if I now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am seriously considering doing the Ideal Protein because it is so convenient.

    Any tips or words of encouragement appreciated!
  • I am new too! We can do this