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  • Quote: I know right? It made me cry. And made me feel so loved!
    You should keep a picture on your fridge. If nothing else would motivate me that would!

    I mean how could I fail myself when people believed in what I was doing so much that they did something so creative and special!
  • Just stopped to say HI to everyone its been a some time. I have paused IP and am trying to tone and tighten and eat a low calorie sensible diet. I have to say I misss IP I really miss 2 lb. Peggy! (Thats the IP me) I almost always lost 2lbs. per week and I miss that dearly, I really enjoyed watching my body change and noticing the differences. I still want to lose another 15 or 20 lbs so I am starting back in the new year.
    I laugh because for once when I make that New Years resolution to lose weight I know I actually will. Gotta LOVE IP!
  • As much as I love the holidays to be with friends and family I admit to being weak when it comes to the food that seems to go with it. I Will keep trying to keep as close as I can to being on plan. Once Christmas is over I'm back to 100% until I phase off before Mexico at the end of January. My husbands ready to join me and lose the 30 or so pounds he needs to. Thanks for listening to my trials
  • Quote: You should keep a picture on your fridge. If nothing else would motivate me that would!

    I mean how could I fail myself when people believed in what I was doing so much that they did something so creative and special!
    That's a great idea - I think I will!
  • Quote: Awww!

    I'm glad you like the poem. I read it the first time when I was trying a different low GI, High Protein program. Back then I didn't get the meaning. I thought "that's sweet!" Six years later, as I couldn't lose even ONE pound, I came across it again and thought, "YES!". That was a week before I learned about IP and when I started this, I thought I would do anything if it just move down 1 pound a week. For some people, that really is the best we can do all the time and for other people, it is all they needed to do that week.

    You're welcome! I am glad you found it. Here is the link for anyone else who hasn't found it yet!


    YEAH!!! Good for you!! I am so happy that they respected your right to eat as you saw fit.

    That is so precious!! I love people who are so supportive and excited for us!

    I know how that moment is. Only in a different way. As I was cleaning out my closets and drawers, I found several pair of yet to be used pantyhose and stockings. As I put them back in the drawer I thought "what are you doing?? I don't think they will work anymore." Just to be sure, I tried them on. Talk about having elephant ankles!

    I love that picture!! How kind and considerate of them!

    You are NOT a slow loser! You are a normal, average loser. Most people lose 12 to 15 pounds a month which is a nice healthy weight loss! Your body will slow down to heal and as it does that your fluid volumes change. Just take care of yourself and once you are over the cold, the weight loss will come back.

    Be kind to yourself. The weight loss is a much lower priority for your body right now.

    Have some hot tea, snuggle up with a warm blanket and, get lots of rest.

    ALSO, boost your vitamin C. We don't get enough on this diet. Try to get about 4000mg while you are sick. You will be able to tell if it is too much. As a body reaches its tolerance level/need level for vitamin C you become a bit gassy or have a loose bowel movement. If that happens just back it down by 500 or 1000mg and you will be at the right level for you.

    Feel better soon!
    Thank you so much for your encouragement. I really needed to hear that it is okay to stick to protocol when your sick. One of my friends thinks I got sick because of the diet. Perhaps there is some truth in that statement. I will take some vitamin C, as long as there is no sugar in the chewable as that is what I have here at home. The best part of being sick is I have a legitimate reason for not going to the neighborhood party tonight. I'm gonna stay home and look after myself and get ready for the kids coming home for the big week ahead. All the best to all you "losers"
  • Quote: Woohoo!!! over 30 pounds loss!! Yippee!!! Super excited... can you guys tell!!
    Whoo-hooooooo!!!! Keep it up!!!!
  • Quote: Just have to tell everyone how proud I am of myself...Had a bridesmaid luncheon today at Olive Garden--- all the other bridesmaids ordered pasta I was the only one who order a skewer of dry grilled chicken and veggies hold the potatoes....YUMMY they all shared a big dessert plate...I skipped it came home and had a chocolate shake! O and I wore jeans that I havent had on since before I met my boyfriend 2 years ago!! I was surprised no one pushed me to eat any of the junk they were eating or the breadsticks thank goodness
    Good for YOU!!! And I'm so glad that you have friends who don't push you or make a big friggin' stink about how you are eating differently than they are!!!!
  • dance in the rain
    Linden, In reference to your response to my quote on the inspiration thread: If I ever get to come to Hawaii you and I will dance in the rain, even if we are not going through any storms in our lives. My husband and I met in Hawaii on R & R when he was serving in Vietnam. The best trip of my life! Enjoy the weather and have a merry Christmas. Judy
  • Either I am lost or I am out here in cyber space by self. I posted this afternoon on Fridays thread because it was still open. I just noticed no one has posted since my post and Friday is still open. I went to new posts and did not find a weekend post. What's going on? I know I am not very computer savvy. Chicks find me.
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    Just for you Judy!

    Weekend Thread for Dec. 18 & 19
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