Is it possible to just order the boxes without a consultant?

  • Hi there. I am really struggling with going back to school and the stress of it with 3 kids and many functions I have going on. I feel like I am always dissappointing my consultant and wasting her time up and down with the scale. Is it possible to just order the packets and do it on my own? I know I can buy shakes, etc. that are not IP but I really want to order the puddings and do it on my own without someone getting dissapointed with me, iykwim. Please help! I'm from Canada, if that makes a difference...
  • Try
    I think you can order from there.
  • I would love to do that too. My coach seems rushed and bothered all the time. In and out like a production line.
  • Thanks for the Idealtogo idea but they don't ship to Canada :S
  • Before you order anything, check out the Alternatives to IP packets thread. There are pdfs that have summaries of the macronutrients in IP packets, as well as pdfs on some of the similar -- but not the same -- product lines.
  • So far, it seems they have 6-7g. of carbs whereas IP has 1-3 which I would prefer :S Thanks though for the ideas...
  • My clinic will ship to you. PM me and I'll give you a phone number.
  • Amylew, I tried to PM you but it said I haven't written 10 posts yet so it wouldn't go through!! Are you able to PM me?
  • That is a shame that idealtogo does not ship to Canada I use it and it is so easy. I go online place my order and if I have any questions they provide me with a coach that I can email. Other than that I am on my own, no one bugs me and I can do a weekly check in just for myself.
  • Fiesty, did you get my PM?
  • Yes, Amylew, I got your PM. Thank you! We just had a death in our family so I will call next week..thanks