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Arrow IP Daily Chat - Thurs. 14 Oct 2010

Welcome and welcome back to the Daily Chat thread -- introduce yourself, post your plans for today, share what's been happening, ask questions!

Some forum lingo:
NSV = Non-Scale Victory
TOM = time of the month
WI = Weigh-in
WF = Walden Farms

Progress photos have been moved to the Mini-Goal Photo Album.

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Other helpful links

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh's website

PDF file of Dr. Tran Tien Chanh's book, The Unbalanced Diet Approach to a Slimmer You

Have a terrific day!
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Health vs. Madness
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Good Morning - great day to to follow our desires today. Mine is to stay on the protocol today and keep remembering that I deserve this. Have a wonderful day and we just have to do this "One Day at a Time".
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Default Good morning!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I know I plan to. Remember that this diet is temporary; it's all about learning about taking good care of you!
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Finally, I believe I'd punched through the 160s mark, even if by a little. Funny, how this week has been a series of UPs and downs, but TOM finally makes an appearance and I lose 6 pounds overnight and the scale starts moving in the right direction.
I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever make it to the 150s. Just seems like I've been stuck there for a while. Now, to get these last 15 pounds off.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Newbie here :-) I started Oct 11th and I'm so excited to keep on the right track.
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Good morning everyone!
Thank goodness for this forum to keep me inspired. I am truly having a frustrating week. I have been strictly on protocol and the scale just hasn't budged (well, okay, a whopping .8 lbs in 9 days ).
I am trying to stay positive, but those little negative thoughts are starting to creep in - "is this worth it?" "Maybe it's not going to work for me" etc. It's amazing how your brain can try and sabotage you.
I still can't figure out why this is happening after losing 13 lbs in the first 2 weeks? I almost feel like somehow I kicked myself out of ketosis? But I don't see how except that I do eat a lot of broccoli and cauliflower, but I did in the first two weeks as well.
A couple of days ago, and on my WI day, I was definitely retaining water. I was drinking well over 64 oz a day, but not going to the washroom nearly as much as in weeks 1 & 2. I don't have the big C or TOM (too old for that ) Yesterday I thought I'd broken the cycle because I did go pee more often and even woke up at 3:00 am again this morning to go. But, the scale still hasn't budged as of this morning.
I keep thinking of I'm Svelting's story about losing 5 lbs overnight once and hoping/praying that will happen with me.
Thanks again to everyone here for all the support and encouragement.
Have a great IP day!
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Goodbye Forever, 300's!
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Can anyone tell me if the New Lifestyle Vanilla RTD's are just as good as IP's? I see they should be available to order tomorrow, and at a significant difference in price, I'd love to try them...... but only if they're the same taste!

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Second time around
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Originally Posted by njajcjmomma View Post
Newbie here :-) I started Oct 11th and I'm so excited to keep on the right track.
Welcome to IP and this forum. You're going to love it!

Kaarin....looks like we are in the same boat. Scale not moving much this week for me either My brain keeps asking those same silly questions. Will power will get us through!
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Started IP 9/1/10
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I LOVE THIS LIFESTYLE! Just thought I'd share!
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Start 2014
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Originally Posted by njajcjmomma View Post
Newbie here :-) I started Oct 11th and I'm so excited to keep on the right track.

Happy to have you here. This is the best diet ever. The only one that I've found that has a maintenance program that works. Stay true to the plan, no cheating and keep coming back to these boards and you'll be successful!!

Went to my coach last night to get my mom started on IP. I am starting Phase 1 with her for support. I have been on Phase 1 since Monday and am already in Ketosis and feeling good. They had me 1 lb up since June (SINCE JUNE) I have never maintained a weight so long and I think I was up because I was weighing in at 4:00pm. Anyway, my mom is starting this morning. I am nervous for her because she is so scared this isn't going to work for her. I am confident it will.

I am leaving on a whirlwind roadtrip this weekend to Wisconsin for my husband's grandpa's funeral, so here is my first challenge. I need to make sure I am prepared to go and have all my veggies, etc... I also will not be nearby for supporting my mom, Thank the Lord for cell phones and texting!!!

Oh on a side note, they asked me to be a coach!!! I unfortunately had to tell them no, since I already have a full time job, but it was quite the compliment

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From Yesterday:
Originally Posted by SallyM View Post
Good morning everyone!! I was just reading the thread about how everyone's sizes have changed since losing weight on IP!!! INCREDIBLE!! Talk about motivation!!! Thanks for setting that up Carla!!


I love the way IP literally "melts" the fat off of my body!! My face is starting to look younger than it did. Anyone else find that?
You're welcome! It was something I have always been curious about, we lose the same pounds but in different ways so, how might that effect our size.

Originally Posted by Coastalcrafter View Post
IP fees-?

A coworker told me that our IP store here was charging $75. a year for sign up fee and now it's $100. for 6 months sign up fee, if your stay on phase 1 of the plan longer than 6 months, you have to pay the full sign up fee again..
(or registration fee whatever they call it)
Originally Posted by EatAnts View Post
That doesn't sound kosher at all. I wonder if Ideal Protein knows this. You could do (one time $25 registration fee) instead and save yourself not only $$ but time.
Originally Posted by Journeysend View Post
Hmmm that doesn't sound right!!! We have been told the sign up fee is for a life time membership.
Originally Posted by Brenley View Post
we were told the same thing that our sign up fee was a lifetime membership.. that just doesn't sound correct and I would check to see if it was anywhere in the contract that you signed about a second sign up fee...
CC - Definitely check any contract you signed to see what you were told and agreed to in the begining.

On the other hand....

Ideal Protein is a product and a program. IP clinics are not part of a corporate business concept. It is not a franchise. It is not an MLM. IP is corporate for their product/program and they do find people to offer and represent their product. They do control how the program is offered but they do not control the finer details, such as fees, of the individual businesses that offer the IP diet plan to their clients.

Consultation fees are at the will of the clinic/center. They can and do exist and are not always lifetime, that is at the discretion of the clinic owner.

Here in Arizona we have a several clinics and they have a range of price points. Some that exist in doctors offices actually charge a $45.00 per visit office charge plus your food each time (you can go every 2 weeks instead of 1). Others charge a fee up front and a smaller office visit of $15.00 per week plus food. It is highly possible that someone sets an up front consultation fee that is based on a 6 month window of time and then charges another on if people are still needing the coaching services after 6 months.

Part of why clinics are now charging fees is, people are learning to use other products (alternate products) to save money but, they still want the accountability of going in each week to be weighed and measured. That presents a problem because they aren't really on IP and the losses may or may not be consistent and predictable. Also, many people don't like the higher pricing of IP but, that higher cost is what use to pay for the "consulting" factor and let me tell you it isn't much when all is said and done. If people aren't buying the food and still expecting the coaching they are basically seeing the coaching as a freebie and it never really was.

Ideal to go is offered by a clinic that was approved to offer product to people in remote areas or areas that DO NOT have a clinic. Be prepared that at some point Ideal Protein may insist that they stop offering product to people who do have clinics in their area and are just not wanting to use them.

If you have multiple people offering Ideal Protein, shop around. You might find a coach you like that offers more information, more medical care, better coaching or, better customer service. You may also find a difference in what coaching services they do. Some clinics only offer weight and measurement pieces. Other clinics offer body fat analysis and more. Also, check the pricing. You may find a clinic with a more acceptable consultation fee schedule.

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Thanks Ladies. I have been lurking for a few days.... and have found TONS of wonderful information. You all are so motivating and inspiring!!! I found myself reading for more than an hour more than once this past week
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Default Great Day to be an IP'er!

Linden Thanks for the info on Potassium. I was a little worried that two of the IP Potassiums would be too much. My ankles are feeling a lot better today, so maybe that will do the trick.

Carla Thanks for the information on the clinics/centers. That is very interesting. I thought all IP providers would use the same fee structure. Luckily, my clinic, a large OB/GYN office, doesn't charge a weigh in fee or any type of recurring fee. We paid for our initial consultation with a NP and then it is just the costs of the products. No contract of any kind. Even though it is expensive, it sounds like it could be worse. I hope they don't change!

njajcjmomma You will love it here!

Today is one of those days that I thought would be very challenging. We have birthday celebrations for the month and everyone in the office brought in food. Usually I am in there 'picking' all day at the sweets. No desire today!! Thank you IP! In fact, I brought in veggies and I made a dip using WF Honey Dijon dressing. I added some minced onion, garlic, dijon mustard (very little) and part of a splenda packet. I have had several compliments on the veggie dip! Who knew?

Have a great day!
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Morning everyone, I have been lurking more then posting these days. Things are going good, but I still feel like junk after my Thanksgiving, but oh well I know I will feel better soon. I know this has been asked but why no green cabbage? I loooovvee sour cabbage rolls!! On my sheet it doesn't say I can't have it but it doesn't say I can either lol help.

Have a great day!!
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Skinny girl in training
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Good morning everyone! Just checking in been super busy with work this week! Welcome to all the newbies stick to the plan it works!
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