IP Daily Chat - Wed. 13 Oct. 2010

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  • Quote: Has anyone had sore ankles? Mine feel achey all the time. My coach had me increase the Potassium to twice a day. Since my coaches seem to do things differently than most, I thought I would ask if anyone else had this problem and if so, what did you find out?
    I don't know whether this is applicable or not, but here goes. I always get leg cramps if I don't have enough potassium. Range is 2500-4000 for good health. Since I track what I eat by gram, calories, carbs, etc., and that includes magnesium and and potassium, it's the rare day that I get over 2500 mlg of K, even when I'm eating lean filet. And 2500 is the BASE line. So I always take an additional potassium tablet; sometimes 2. Mine are 550 mlg each because I can't swallow the IP supplements, even broken up, and I can't take the calcium when we're supposed to because of hypothyroidism. It really works. Hope this helps.
  • Quote: I've found my new favorite drink. The chocolate drink mix heated up makes a great hot chocolate. Hot chocolate mix is a major staple in out house when it starts to get cold out. I was getting tired of hot tea. Thanks for all the tips. Weight In is tomorrow in the morning can't wait to get past 167.
    My approach to hot chocolate: Use the chocolate pudding. It's lower in carbs and thicker so you can add as much as 16 ounces to a packet and get a huge, comforting mug of hot chocolate.
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