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  • I am just curious where people began there weight loss journey and where they are now.

    What weight and size did you start at and what point are you at now?

    I am 5'5. At my high I weighed 252 pounds (about six weeks before before I began Ideal Protein) and was a tight size 20.

    I started IP and was 236 pounds still a size 20/18. I am now at 166 pounds and fit a size 10 very easily. That isn't a consistent and only size yet.

    I can wear size 8 dresses and skirts and some full or relaxed cut pants in an 8. I once in awhile fit into some skinny size 12 pants too.

    I started out wearing size 1x or even 2x tops. Now I am a Medium top or jacket.

    I am still trying to lose my lower body weight - hips, but, thighs, and a bit more off the calves. So I hope this next weight loss makes the pants fit more consistently.
  • Oh this is my favorite part.

    I started last year on WW at 207 and as of this a.m. 169. I was in 16W/18 and now 14 are too big. I started IP Sept 1 at 187 as I had gotten down with WW to 174 but put the extra on this year. I've not gotten this low in at least 15 years so my clothes are just starting to have to be given away. I made a promise to myself that I would not go through this decade unhealthy and I'm sticking to it. After I get down to my goal I plan to get in shape as I feel I can't even exercise like I was on IP. But that's OK since the fat is melting.
  • I started IP September 17 and was a size 14 (tight) and am between a size 10-12 right now.......My 3rd weigh in isnt till Tuesday so I am trying hard to stick to the plan over Thanksgiving......the stuffing part is going to be my biggest temptation...right next to my Mom's pumpkin pie !!!
    I have fluctuated weight over the last five years and have clothing from size 5-14 in my closet......the greatest thing for me is being able to pull out a pair of pants and think that they are still too small but then put them on and be able to zip them up!!! Definitely keeps me motivated!!!
    p.s I also have a size 6 dress that I bought this summer that I absolutely love and it is has become my goal outfit!!! My dh and I hope to go back to Mexico in January and I am hoping to be able to wear it......(we got married there last year and after I gained 35 lbs).
  • Great idea Carla! I was wondering this myself. I know some of our frame sizes are pretty different, but I think this will be interesting.

    I'm 5'8" (having shrunk from two collapsed discs)
    In March when I started my weight loss journey, I topped out at 310 pounds. I was wearing mostly size 24 for bottoms or dresses and 2x-3x for tops.

    In July when I began IP, I weighed 285 pounds and was still wearing the 24's.

    By early August, I was around 265 and purchased skorts and pants that were size 20 and tops that were XL.

    Earlier this month at about 245, I purchased a pair of jeans and a dress that were both size 18. I also picked up some cheap long sleeve t-shirts that are larges though I think I'd still prefer an XL there but my girls kept saying they'll just be huge in a few weeks! I also bought a couple of sweaters that are 14/16 that fit my curves nicely (the way my husband likes) but aren't that tight.

    I should add that the bottoms have all been woman's sizes at big girl stores not in the regular misses department. I don't know how those sizes translate though I'm thinking I may need to figure it out pretty soon.

    I have been a little confused about sizes though because I know when I was in high school, I admit it was 27 years ago) which was the last time I was at my goal weight or 185, I was wearing 14-16's and I think I'll be wearing those sizes in another month or so but I won't be at 185. Even back in 1997 when I got down to 200, I was wearing a size 20.

    I guess I'm going to have to go try on my size 16 wedding dress that I wore 26 years ago and see if and how that fits!
  • Since I couldn't find a coach in my area, I started IP protocol on my own (according to Dr. Tran Tien's website) on May 31, 2010... I hadn't been on the scales in a long time & didn't weigh when I started, but I'm guessing around 220... & since I don't still don't have a coach to coax me onto the scales, I don't know how many pounds I've lost, I'm gonna guess about 65, just going by the clothing I fit into now & remembering how much I weighed when I last could wear them... as for sizes, for pants, I started in a Women's size 16 & now I fit into a loose 12 or tight 10... for tops, I started in XL or XXL & now a loose Large or tight-ish Medium t-shirt or blouse...

    Seems I've slowed down a bit, but I haven't been as faithful to my exercise routine as I was, so I think if I get my workouts going again, I'll start shrinking again... I'm not too unhappy that I've been on a plateau for a while, though... maybe it'll give my loose skin a chance to catch up... I'm already noticing my loose neck skin tightening up a bit...

  • I began in August at 188 pounds and a size 16. Now, 9 weeks later, I am 162'ish and fit into some 10's. Yeah!!! My tops were XL and now are Mediums. Every weekend I try on pants that I couldn't get on the week before! Helps me find clothes for the next week. I had clothes in my closet from size 16 - 6!
  • I began IP on April 20th at 272 pounds. I wore 2X tops and 22-24 bottoms. I have lost 91 pounds and now weigh 181 and wear a Large in tops and size 14 in jeans. I am only 5'2" and my goal weight is 125 pounds. I am 59 years old and the skin is not snapping back very well. (but I am willing to do the plastic surgery thing if I have to).
  • Great idea for a thread, Carla!

    I started on May 10 with IP, I weighed 186 and was a size XL shirts and size 14/16 in clothes. I couldn't wear a straight skirt (everything had to flare) and pants looked terrible on me (at least I thougth they did) so I wore skirts almost exclusively.

    Today I weighed in at 128, although my coaches official weight is 131.8 right now.

    This weekend I bought size 6's, tried on a 4 dress that just wasn't cut right for where my waist is (I have a long body), but looked good otherwise. I wear small shirts/tops, and bought a size 2 shirt last week. I bought a suit three weeks ago with a 6 bottom and a 4 jacket, and the skirt is a little too big already. (lesson learned!)

    I can now wear straight pencil skirts and they look good, and love wearing pants now!
  • I started IP last summer at 202 lbs. Lost 30 then took time off plan to finish nursing school. I restarted August 18th and I'm now at 158 lbs.

    I started out in a size 18 and I just bought a size 9 skinny jeans that fit great.

    I love IP it seems to sculpt your body without exercise. I plan to exercise once I get to goal. I used to work out a lot but never really lost weight. I can't believe how toned my body seems while doing IP without exercise.
  • I'm 5'10", and my heaviest weight was 367 within the past two years, although I weighed in officially at 355 when I started IP July 12. I was forcefully in 26's, although truly in 28's, but never admitted to needing a 30.

    I'm down 53 lbs, so at 302, I'm fitting into 22's, 2x's, and very tightly in some of my old 20's... I can see them fitting on the horizon!

    My final goal is 180, and I have no idea what size I'll be, but I'm hoping for 14 or smaller. I just can't get a handle yet on where I'll be when I'm done.
  • I began at 202lbs and a tight size 14 pants. Most t-shirts things like that were a size Large....and they were getting snug. I wore, for the most part, size 16 dresses as well.

    Now, I'm 167lbs and wear a size 8 jeans and medium tops.

    My first wedding dress was a size 18, my new one is a size 10.

    This thread is a great idea....makes you really look back on how far you've come.
  • What a fun thread!

    I am 5'4 and I began in Feb. at 261 and in between 24 and 26 in bottoms and a 3X in tops.

    I am now down to 208 and am in between 16 and 18 in bottoms and am wearing 1X tops. I even shop in regular stores like Vanity, Maurices, Old Navy etc. Places I've never dreamt of being able to shop at! I even bought a blouse in the misses section at Wal-Mart...first time in my entire life!! I remember when I was nine shopping in the women's plus section for school clothes. Now I am becoming obsessed with shopping for myself, especially jeans. I need to sale some of the clothes I have been buying along the way so I can get more! I have never worn a 16 in my life and thought I would be happy with myself as soon as I fit a 16 exclusively, now I know I can get there and then some, so I'll just see how it goes.

    I think it is so interesting how so many of us have been in the size 20s at various weights and heights. I have a lot of baggage in my hips...ugh! My trainer is helping me work on it, hopefully we can melt some of it off. I used to have a funky shaped booty, but now it's starting to look better than ever. This plan is so amazing and I am so thankful I came across it and all of you!!
  • Ive been on IP a 3 Weeks & 3 days. Started at 249 lbs and went to 235lbs. Lost 30.5 inches. Here is the crazy thing... I started out at a size 24 jeans, 2XL top. I am now a snug size 16 jeans and L-XL top. CRAZY! I purchased a pair of jeans, from the GAP tonight. THE GAP people! Thats where all the skinny minnies shop! YAY!
  • At my high weight (313), I was a size 28, and squeezing into a 3x top. When I started Ideal Protein, I was 264, and wearing a size 20/22 pants, and a 2x top.

    Now, I am 177 pounds (or was Friday AM, have been caring for a friend dying of cancer in CA, and not eating much at all from stress), wearing a size 10, and a medium top.

    Oh, and I am 5'9". I went from a 44DD bra, to a 34DD (but it's origami going on in there!).
  • I started at 245.8 a size 18, not tight, but not comfortable with a size 40DDD bra and xxl shirts or 1x. Problem areas for me are arms, breast, and upper belly. Best areas small back side, lower waist is flat and not an issue (tummy tuck after weight loss and maintence for 5 years...that was five years ago...gained back 40 of the 85 lost...but never reached my goal of 160...I wore a size 14 at 200-205). Currently my 18s are falling off of me. I have a bunch of size 16 pants tried some on yesterday...they fit, but are tight in the thighs, I will wait a week or two more to see what happens. I started IP on Sept. 13 and yesterday morning I was 224.8 so down 21 pounds in 3.5 weeks. I can wear shirts I wasn't comfortable wearing a month ago.