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Originally Posted by RhondaLynn View Post
Okay, I've encountered my first naysayer. I wanted to shout "SHUT UP ALREADY!!!" She's my best friend and is taking courses to be a certified Personal Trainer. I'm getting so sick of her acting like she knows every fricken' thing about the body when just a year ago she was selling electricity.

Thanks for letting me VENT!!

I'm going to do what I need to do for myself.
I feel the same way, my friend who was my personal trainer at one point. Basically told me off, so I told her off. She has never been over weight a day in her life. Until she knows how I feel and have felt my entire life she can basically kiss my shrinking backside! ( thanks Dave)

Originally Posted by Aunt Sheshie View Post
I don't think you sound corny at all... I love what you said about rediscovering our true self... it really is AWESOME!!!.. I've been saying for a couple of months that this is the REAL ME!.. I don't know who that other person was before IP, some imposter, I suspect, but she sure wasn't me... I've also been saying I feel younger than I have in 25 years, probably longer... I've been single since I was 30 years old, & the last year of my marriage I think I became an old lady, mentally... & I've been an old lady since then, UNTIL NOW!.. the way I feel physically is definitely younger, but the way I feel mentally is the most amazing thing!.. my self-confidence & self-esteem are back to what they were when I was in my early 20s... sometimes I wonder where that old lady went, but the truth is, I don't really care... she can stay away forever, as far as I'm concerned...

I love IP!!!..

Congrats to ALL on your many successes this week!..

& Newbies!..

Absolutely I think we all feel the same way! I know I do!!!

Originally Posted by Ciebelle View Post
So here I sit at 178 again...hmph! I was thinking back to the last time I tried to lose weight and I got to 177 and just stalled. Is this were my body has a hard time getting past?

I have had to take pain meds with codeine this week for migraines but made sure I am still keeping things "moving"..

I have not done any real exercise, do you think walking might help?

I feel like I am starting to obsess about this, and I don't wanna go there. Cause when I start to obsess I end up self-sabotaging.

I am going to try today and if things don't change tomorrow I am going to add another packet.

Thanks for letting me vent my crazyness.

Have a great day all.

I kinda lost the same way, great first week, ok second week and 3rd then I slowed down. I finally went out of town and didn't cheat but had a few more carbs. I walked a lot and thought man I hope I stay the same and I lost 5 pounds. I think sometimes we do just plateau and then need to mix it up a bit. Don't give up!!!

Originally Posted by Tminus80 View Post
Just back from my week 10 WI and I am down another 4 lbs for a total of 47 lbs! I know by next week I will reach 50 lbs lost. Amazing!
FANTASTIC, WOW DO A HAPPY DANCE!!!!! I am doing one for you!!

Originally Posted by Traveling Stitcher View Post
I am so happy with myself right now! I started IP about 2 1/2 weeks ago. No official weigh-in yet...but I am sure I am losing. I can tell just looking at how clothes are fitting, and my hubby agrees.

Good Job, keep it up!

I am also proud of myself. My husband and I are on vacation right now...a road trip of sorts in the Ozarks. We went to Silver Dollar City the last two days. There is lots of good old Southern comfort food there....Fried chicken, fried potatoes, pies, ice cream, popcorn, sweets, etc. I have managed to avoid cheating in this atmosphere. It was difficult with all the sights and smells. But I concentrated on the other wonderful parts of the park. This is their annual Crafts festival, so there are artists and crafters galore. We have had a marvelous time. I had to search, but was able to find appropriate foods to eat. I carried an extra RTD with me, and needed it each day....I suspect due to all the constant walking up and down hills all day.

I can't tell you how reading all of the posts every day has helped me realize that I could do this without cheating. Thanks to all!
Great willpower!!! You should be so proud of yourself!! You are an inspiration to us all.

I am in Phoenix right now for a week and I have a few clothes that I leave down here. I have been in the closet and nothing fits except for a few shirts. Wow, it just gives me the go power to work hard and finish this off. I didn't feel good all week and finally tonight I feel almost normal. While I was sick I really wanted to eat and thought, maybe while we are in Phoenix I will treat myself. Well I'm gonna with a couple new pairs of shorts!!!
Congrats to everyones great losses and everybody struggling do what was suggested earlier get on the scale or try something. IP is great and not eating something or the cost is just not worth how good we all feel. I agree with you guys and thank God that IP came into my life.
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Thanks for all the congrats on my progress today. I appreciate you all very much. I posted a new pick on my progress thread, if you want to check out my new "skinny" haircut, I added a link below.

As far as naysayers, I haven't encountered many. However, most notably, there is one woman that I work with who has, admittedly, been a yo-yo dieter all her life. She keeps asking me how I am doing and can't help but clarifying comments she makes with "if you can keep it off" with LOTS of emphasis on the "if." I will spare you the details of our conversation, but the funny thing was, when I told my husband about the conversations with her, he said she was just jealous. Then today, she actually admitted she was jealous! I could not believe it!

There has been lots of posts on the board about cheating and restricted items these last few days. I really hope that everyone is doing better, planning to get a good night sleep (or in most cases I hope, already asleep), and I just want to remind everyone that if you feel like you want to cheat, reach out. There is so much encouragement and support available here, if you just reach out for it, you'll get it.

Although I know I do still have a long way to go to reach my goal, I feel successful already and you should to. You can do this, you can stick to the program, you can choose not cheat, you can eat healthy foods, and you will make healthier choices in the future. Be strong and fight the power of the bulge!
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Originally Posted by RhondaLynn View Post
Okay, I've encountered my first naysayer. I wanted to shout "SHUT UP ALREADY!!!" She's my best friend and is taking courses to be a certified Personal Trainer. I'm getting so sick of her acting like she knows every fricken' thing about the body when just a year ago she was selling electricity.

Thanks for letting me VENT!!

I'm going to do what I need to do for myself.
I laughed out loud when I read your post about, (last year she was selling electricity) Don't worry, just stay the course...and next year, after she sees how well you've done, she'll be selling IP!!!!
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Default It's Friday!

The Friday thread is open. This thread will close shortly

Join us in the Friday chat thread

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