Creative Dinner Ideas

  • It would be great it we could share creative dinner ideas.

    Here's mine:
    I sauteed boneless chicken breasts with some mushrooms. When it was almost fully cooked, I mixed up the IP mushroom soup (made it on the thicker side - not too runny). I put the chicken & mushrooms in a baking dish, poured the soup on top and baked to finish cooking - about 10 mins. I made 2 5oz chix breasts, so I had it for dinner the next night also. (Gotta love leftovers)
    (You could also use lean pork chops)

    I steamed some cauliflower until it was really soft and sprinkled my sea salt on top. You can use some of the soup in the baking dish as gravy too if you are having faux mashed potatoes. (I've heard steamed and mashed turnips are good substitutes for mashed potatoes, but haven't tried them yet.)

    Also another variation I thought of, but haven't tried:
    Saute chicken breast, steam broccoli. Put both in baking dish and this time use IP chicken soup. Bake and enjoy!
  • Quote: It would be great it we could share creative dinner ideas.
    Hi Navy Mom, It's a good idea, but I think it's covered. A5 least here is where I post B, L, and D recipes.
  • Generally you will find these types of ideas in the Recipes thread, Recipes 2 thread, or the packet tips thread
  • Okay I'll check those out. Thanks.