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Hi Rockinrosie,
My first day was Monday and every morning for the last 3 days I've had a very mild headache that goes away after a bit. But I'm sure not hungry anymore! Also, my home scale says I'm down almost 5 lbs on my 5th day! My WI is not until Tuesday and I can't believe how excited I am to get weighed and measured! I'm pretty sure I was never excited to go to weightwatcher weigh-ins.
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Originally Posted by Ciebelle View Post

Has anyone else experienced this - since I started the diet I thought it would be hard to cook for my family, but now I am cooking more and baking for them, I am not even tasting or testing, but today I made 2 dozen muffins, a pot of soup and a pot my food. On the weekend I made 4 dozen cinnamon buns, blackberry cobbler, pasta..all the stuff I can't have but ..I don't know it is almost therapeutic to make it. It is like working with the food is replacing eating it..I will probably change but for now my family is enjoying the this diet too
Hi Ciebelle!

Yep, I've been baking and watching cooking shows which is a huge switch for me. A couple of months ago I was talking with a friend who's a drug/alcohol therapist and she said maybe it was my way of desensitizing myself to the "tastes good, but bad for me higher carbs." In addition to baking and watching the cooking shows, I've also always kept my families favorite junk foods in the cupboards and freezer. I figure temptations are always going to be there and I have to be the one to ignore them. As I near the end of my weight loss journey, I'm finding these cooking shows to have been beneficial. I use to despise cooking/baking and now I've got all of these great ideas of how/what to cook and how to do it in a healthy way (and also a very unhealthy way). Plus, the organizations I volunteer for are always happy to have baked goods!

Originally Posted by I'm svelting! View Post
Yesterday a friend/neighbourhood business owner saw me as she was driving to work and I was walking to the train. Later she was talking with ScooterMan (my partner/fiancé) and enthusiastically commented about how good I looked and how much weight I'd lost. She's interested in what I've been doing, so I'll probably arrange to talk with her over the weekend.

Today I wore the "aspirational" skirt I purchased in August. It fits really well and there's something kind of fun about it -- the shape and the length. Because the weather was nice today and my workplace is casual, I didn't wear tights, stockings, pantihose, etc. The NSV: minimal thigh rubbing! I can actually believe that some day soon, I'll have no rubbing or chafing.
Congrats I'm Svelting! Just wait until you wear nylons and realize you're actually comfortable in them. Yep, it happens. Who'd have ever thought nylons could be comfortable! But when your thighs aren't rubbing together, they're actually not bad.

PS: I love the photo of you and Scooter Man (I assume it's him). You look so incredibly happy. It looks like the photographer captured a great moment between the two of you.

Originally Posted by the wonder cat View Post
Sounds like YOU are doing a great job and working hard to stay on the plan. You joined 3FatChix in June, but did you start IP then? Starting weight of 237 and today at 127 is absolutely phenomenal.
Thanks Wonder Cat. No, I started following the IP protocol in May (though I don't use IP products nor do I have a coach). Prior to IP, I was counting calories and exercising 2 hours each day 6 days a week. I was losing weight, though slowly. It wasn't until I started following the IP protocol that I started seeing faster and easier results.
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I assure you, I'm swell.
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Originally Posted by JessicaCourez View Post

Congrats to both of you, but aren't those men irritating? All that weight, so little time (yes, SalesGod, I'm lookin' at you and your speedo...ok, maybe not.)

Thanks again to everyone with the support. I feel pretty awesome today, minus having to force my omelet down.. I'm stuffed!

@JessicaCourez: Yes, you are right, damn the man. lol. Rather damn the Y chromosome. But hey, the way I look at it I'll still get to keep something men typically don't when they lose weight.... My buns! lol
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This thread is closed. Please join us in the Friday chat thread.
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