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Arrow IP Daily Cat - Monday 9/20/2010

Post your introductions and questions here! If you're new to this forum or to Ideal Protein, please read this post. Regular and return chatters, you know what to do.

Some forum lingo:
NSV = Non-Scale Victory
TOM = time of the month
WI = Weigh-in
WF = Walden Farms

Weekend thread at 10:56 PM EDT On Sunday

Ideal Protein Sub-forum Home Page

Click the link below to see all the "sticky threads" that contain frequently used and requested information. They're at the top; topics include: Tips for Newbies, FAQ, Alternatives to IP Packets, Travel Tips, Recipes. Below that are almost (?) all the discussions on 3fatchicks about Ideal Protein. It's a rich archive with lots of really great information.
Bookmark it! Make it a Favorite! Your BEST source of Ideal Protein Information - Our Forum

3FATCHICKS Forum Technical Stuff

Tickers and signatures: The Ultimate Signature and Ticker Thread

For other "How do I do ..... on this forum" questions: Forum help board

Search: If you can't find what you're looking for in this forum using the website search function, try using Google. I posted about it in Search tip using Google

Quoting: The best quoting tip - EVER!! Thanks Rosie, aka 6710.

Other helpful links

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh's website

PDF file of Dr. Tran Tien Chanh's book, The Unbalanced Diet Approach to a Slimmer You

Please let me know if you want me to edit this post to add any other links!
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Good morning IP world of friends!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend with lots of will power and success! I did pretty good, however, we were crazy busy last night and I didn't get to eat dinner until 10:30pm HOpe I am not going to be too far off track!

I have a question.... I have a rash on my chin and around my nose area -- almost resembles poision ivy but it is not... and it showed up the first week of IP.. anyone else get this? I am wondering if it is some kind of soy allergy???

Have a great day all, and I will check in later!

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I've been so out of the loop here. Need some info on the vanilla rtd boxes. Lindora doesn't have them on their web site at all-- not even chocolate. Anybody know what's up with the IP ones? I will see my IP doc this week but am starting to panic that they are no longer being made. And they are the key to my success.... (I just substitute one addiction (sugar) for another (IP rtds)!!!) Congrats to journeys end on your 50 lbs. I loved that milestone-- and Linden, the gelato was 1/2 saffron and 1/2 coconut. I like your suggestion and hope to go back some day and try it! Saffron seemed like a strange choice but someone had suggested it to me and it was delicious. I'm guessing they are all delicious. But I am almost ready to get serious again. Back to phase 1 tomorrow-- the boot camp version. Strict. strict. strict. Melissa - your new pic is great.

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Good Morning everyone!!

I hope everyone has a great day
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Default First day

Ok, so this is the start of day #1!
I had a wonderful time on the wine tour yesterday - a great send off to start this new journey.
Just drank a cappucino while reading posts - it was really good! Can't wait to see how much I'll lose this week.
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The Dress
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Good morning All and Welcome newbies!
Today is Migraine Monday for me... oh the weather is changing..

I did get all the weeding and bulbs planted I bought, kept busy, now I hope they come up in spring!

Have a great IP day everyone!
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Default Reminder!!! Please post this week's weight for the 20 lbs by Hallowe'en Challenge!!

Good Monday Morning....Top of the Mornin' to you all!!

To all the Newbies starting the IP eating plan will do great Don't get discouraged if you don't feel the greatest on the 2nd and 3rd day..hang in there and it will get better!!!
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Smile Good Morning

Today is my 5th day I am so exticed. I not only love that there is a place to come and read about other sucess stories, but I tried on a pair of shorts today. I couldn't wear them through the summer becasue the but was a little tight and felt uncomfortable. Today I tried them on and I don't feel like I have shorts on that are two tight. I might not have lost any I don't know since I don't weight myself, but even if it is becasue I am no longer bloated I take that. Hurray for me.

And on another good note, my coach said I could split my meat up for lunch and dinner since that makes eating the veggies easier for me.

Good day here I come
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just Rhonda please!
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I did not have a good weekend on the plan. I'm going to stick with it today ... and my weigh in is at 6pm. Wish me luck on the scale so I don't get discouraged with the diet.
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Good Morning!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and all new IPers you are gonna love this program!!
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Originally Posted by HopefulTricia View Post
Anybody know what's up with the IP ones? I will see my IP doc this week but am starting to panic that they are no longer being made.
Welcome back to the list HopefulTricia! I have very good news for you....last Tuesday when I was at my WI, a woman was buying the Vanilla RTD shakes. So, apparently, they have been reformulated and now are available at the Ideal Protein centers. I hope you find some at your next meeting!
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Second time around
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Welcome to all the Newbies!

It's a new day and a new week! I had a very busy weekend and did slip some, which is still a slip regardless of the size of it. I stepped on the scale this morning and so far I have not moved anywhere. Down or up. So, last night I read through Dr Chanh's pamplet to get some answers. NOW I realize how important it is to stay true to this lifestyle change. Any cheat slows down the process and it takes 2-3 days to get back to losing weight.

I am now setting mini goals. Not thinking about the 40 pounds I have to lose, but thinking of the next five pounds. Then that will turn into the next five pounds.

Everyone have a great IP day!
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just Rhonda please!
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Thanks for posting iowahawkeyemom ~ so any cheat slows down the process for 2-3 days???

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Good morning, All.
Originally Posted by iowahawkeyemom View Post
I am now setting mini goals. Not thinking about the 40 pounds I have to lose, but thinking of the next five pounds. Then that will turn into the next five pounds.
When I read this, I thought 'great idea'. This is basically how I'm approaching my 200+ lbs to lose--5 lbs at a time. IHEMom, have you thought about editing your signature to include some "one for every 5 lbs gone" smilies? When I get discouraged at how far I have to go, I look at my 5 little flashing flowers (soon to be 6 ), and it gives me a boost. At present the ticker feels like it tracks how far I have still to go, while the 5lb symbols give me a visual of how much I've accomplished already. And this makes me very happy!

Have a great day everyone.
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Nervous about weigh in this morning as I am still battling with constipation. I am going to talk to them today. This will be my first weigh in. I hope I get to chose some foods. They picked all my foods for the first week.

Anyway..have a great IP day all. I will check back in once I get back from weighing in. I have to admit I am a little afraid to drink to much before weigh

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