What is your favorite ip food?

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  • My favorite in the morning is the omelet but as scramble eggs, and my favorite snack is the chocolate drink, or the strawberry shake I make with the yogurt converted into the most delicious shake, with some walden farms stawberry Jelly , yumii!!. My new favorites are the bars, specially the cinamon one. These foods are all great! I never though diet foods could be so tasty until I found IP, Lucky me.
  • Butterscotch, which I can't have because it has soy in it.
  • I love all the ones I've tried, except for the mushroom soup and lemon pudding.
  • my tastes seem to change week by week... this week it is the chocolate drink and the pina colada... however, last week was all about chocolate pudding...!
  • I love all the creamy ones - chocolate pudding with a little salt sprinkled on top, the chocolate shake, pina colada and cappuccino. I actually also like the mushroom soup but always doctor it with hot sauce, some salt and other spices.

    I'm learning to like the mango and pomegranate shakes but ONLY when I double the water. I think they are best when they are ice cold with 16 oz of water.

    On a whole I like most of the IP stuff and ADORE the bars (which I'm not eating since I'd rather lose weight fast). You can tell that they are developed in France, a country that cares about food...
  • Blueberry pomegranate cranberry drink has definitely grown on me and I like the caramel nut bars, but I only allow myself to have one a couple of times a week.

    Chili is good if I can remember to let is soak in the water 3-4 hours before I want to eat it. The mushroom soup is also good.

    There's not much I really won't eat, it's just given a choice I will chose certain foods.
  • I'm solely living off of the chocolate pudding (as shakes) and chocolate RTDs. I was just introduced to the vanilla RTDs so I guess I'll be adding that to the menu.

    My motto is "don't fix what ain't broke".
  • I like the omelet made with Mrs. Dash onion & herb or Mrs. Dash garlic & herb and Herb De Province with a tsp. of low carb ketchup. My very favorite is chocolate pudding made into a shake with 2 tbsp of WF choco. syrup; today I added a couple of drops of almond extract and coconut extract--tasted like an Almond Joy bar .. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!
  • I like to grill mushroom & green pepper and add the omelet packet to it, makes a huge omelet.

    I love the bars (caramel nut and peanut butter crunch) and the little crunchy chocolate balls, they are a good long lasting snacky food.

    I like the mushroom and chicken soups and the chili. I also like the oatmeal and the chocolate pancakes.

    I guess there are a lot of good ones really!
  • I have tried almost everything, but the one thing that has gotten me through my bad sugar/chocolate cravings this week as been the chocolate drink, heated and I have it before bed. It has become a bit of a comfort food for me... :-)
  • I really like the chocolate drink, ready made chocolate and vanilla drinks, Wild berry yogurt drink, cappuccino, the oatmeal as a crumble on rhubarb, pina-colada and the caramel nut bars. I almost forgot I like the garlic and onion soy nuts too. I tolerate the rasp/pom drink, and I have the vanilla and strawberry puddings also, but they aren't my faves. When I first started the diet I lived solely on the wild berry yogurt, cappuccino, and chocolate ready made drinks.
  • Funny how different everyone's tastes are. I hate most of the drinks although I can drink the chocolate ones as long as I refrigerate it for at least an hour after I mix it or have ice cubes. It has to be REALLY cold. I LOVE the ready made chocolate pudding but it has been on back order for a while. I don't like the packaged ones as much but they are doing the trick for now. I actually prefer the butterscotch. My absolute favourite is the raspberry jello. I have it every night as my snack. I LOVE chocolate so any bar that has chocolate in it is great. The BBQ soy nuts are also a fave of mine. Absolutely HATED the chocolate pancake, I'm sure I must have made it wrong.
  • I grill mushrooms first and then add them to the omelet. I love it and could eat it 3 times a day. I totally agree with earlier posts about the chocolate pudding/drink as long as it is cold.
  • My "most" favorite is the chocolate drink (cocoa) with a heaping teaspoon of instant coffee....microwave for a minute......yummmy!!!!
  • I eat an omelet every day, sometimes for lunch, sometimes for breakfast. And sometimes, I eat one for breakfast AND one for lunch! Hot sauce is a must, and I rotate between Cholula, Tapatio, Tabasco, and Franks.

    I also eat the raspberry jello nearly every day.