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  • Quote: The number they calculate is not necessarily accurate because much depends on how much fat and muscle you have. I read somewhere that for every lb of muscle you burn 40 calories per day and for every lb of fat you burn only 3 calories per day! so you need to leave those numbers in or adjust them. and if you exercise or do heavy work you will burn more calories during that period of time.

    i am not, by any means, fit or muscular, but i am not completely sedentary either..this info is still good to know (thank you!)..i am just trying to be fair to myself because the calendar it has calculates the amount of calories burned- the amount of calories consumed and i feel that if i decide to sit and watch tv all day, i shouldn't have the right to claim any amount of calories burned..i think that maybe wearing a heart rate monitor (watch) would help me keep track of the resting calories (as well as when i walk to the kitchen or to my truck) a tad bit more accurately..i can just put that in under other-daily activities..just need to get one first..

    maybe i am being a little to harsh on myself..hmm..