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65X65 08-04-2013 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by Kiki8138 (Post 4808486)
Hi All,

I need a little help, Im on week 11 and I have lost 40LBS. It has been pretty incredible to see the weight litterally fall off.
I hit a plateau :mad: I have been at 159 for a week and a half now. It is hard to keep inspired when you are doing everything right and not seeing the results. I'm used to the almost instant gratification...lol! and it makes it harder.
My goal is 135, I thought I would have reached it by the end of september, but at this rate maybe Halloween.
Any tips on how to speed up the process, or any change I should do to kick start it again?

It's hard to be patient...are you SURE your stuck?? Have they measured you? Sometimes weight falls off...we click along happy happy because the scale tells us things are going the right way...BUT...there is no visible change to body composition..size is stuck...but we are wrapped up in the scale and satisfied. Then you get a week or two with itty bitty scale changes...and lo and behold you dropped a size and a half in pants......and all of a sudden..your bras are not doing much to make you look good!!!

Most IP sites do use a tape measure...mine does it weekly. The 40 inches I've dropped are equal to or more significant than the pounds in how I look today.....and I want a few more inches (!!!) just as much (if not more) than the remaining pounds to disappear the closer I get to the end of my journey.

Also a true stall or plateau is a few..(3 I think) weeks with no pounds OR inches lost...so again...patience. Sounds like you're doing quite well..don't get frustrated...! 40 pounds in less than 3 months is a really successful kick off. No other diet would probably have given you this kind of results in such a short time. Expect some fits and starts with slower weeks and time frames as you get closer to the goal.

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