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Default What is the BEST advice you were giving for doing IP??

Hey Gang,
Have a new friend starting IP, and the clinic experience was less than desirable. I wanted to put together a package for her that might help out. I will be using Jordanna's tips for newbies bits, but was curious, what has made a difference for everyone during their time on IP.


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Originally Posted by Calgarygirlie View Post
Hey Gang,
Have a new friend starting IP, and the clinic experience was less than desirable. I wanted to put together a package for her that might help out. I will be using Jordanna's tips for newbies bits, but was curious, what has made a difference for everyone during their time on IP.

1. Follow protocol as closely as possible... without getting ill.
2. Follow protocol.
3. Follow protocol.
I guess you can see where I am going with this.

Every one is different and changes, additions or deletions may be necessary, but start out as directed and only make changes that are necessary.


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The things that have really helped me to be successful on IP are...

* Visiting this forum often for support, encouragement and recipe ideas.
* Not eating restricted foods (IP and veggies) in the first few weeks.
* Making sure to get the required supplements, sea salt and oil every day.
* Carrying a water bottle around everywhere and filling it up constantly.
* Limiting the number of restricteds eaten to 2 or 3 max per week.
* Maintaining focus on the end goal and remembering why I am on this diet in the first place...to lose weight, feel better about myself and to improve my quality of life! :0)

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What's the best IP advice I've gotten? Well, honestly, just about everything, and all of it has come from this site. I do have a coach, of sorts, although I've never met her because she lives on another island. Well, sure, I could fly over ($150 RT), rent a car for a couple of hours ($40), and get weighed every week. Right! So we're doing the program via e-mail. Going into my 14th day I've eaten everything I was told to -- this includes one restricted item every day. I think it's thanks to you all that I've lost at least 11 pounds in two weeks.

I'm not a joiner by nature although given the job I had until I retired, I had to belong to a number of organizations. I guess what turned me off was the bickering, nay saying and, most of all, whining. Lord I hate whiners. This website has been an endearing revelation. Not even a whiff of one upmanship; no artificial sweetness and light. I wish I could invite you all for an IP picnic on my favorite trade wind-swept beach and feed you all from your wonderful menu variations -- and some of my own. Mahalo. And again, mahalo.
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Originally Posted by Linden View Post
I guess what turned me off was the bickering, nay saying and, most of all, whining. Lord I hate whiners. This website has been an endearing revelation. Not even a whiff of one upmanship; no artificial sweetness and light.
I totally agree. I can't think of any other group of people I come in contact with that are so supportive and positive. Even when someone stumbles, or is having a rough time, there is an immediate response to help pick them up and help them move forward. I know I couldn't do this without this forum! Thank you everyone!!

~A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step~
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I think the best tip I can give is to be open minded and listen to everyones suggestions/ideas. Then take what you like and put your own twist on things whether it be food ideas or exercise regiments. All advice is worth listening to and making an informed decision about what your friend thinks will work best for her.
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My best advice is to write everything down. EVERYTHING. I use SparkPeople.com and have for years, so it is pretty easy for me and I manually enter foods not listed (though there are a lot of IP packets already entered by others). I even have an iphone app, no excuses. It also helps me preplan dinner, so I don't just add here and there. Even if you are just using the IP journal, be honest with yourself.

My second best advice is to measure your food. Our eyeballs aren't reliable, and that is what got me into trouble in the first place. I love my kitchen scale. If you have a volume problem, use smaller plates, and load up on lower carb veggies and salad. It is okay to have 3 cups of veggies at lunch, but if you write it down and you have a slow week, you can look back and see if that was affecting your weight loss or not and you can see your total carbs.

Also, drink a LOT of water, use the oil (it isn't evil!) and salt, get a balance of veggies and always be on the lookout for new recipes.

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I agree with the rest of the group. This community has helped me keep focus. I am sure I would have fallen off the wagon a while ago if it was for all your support.
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The best advice I have gotten is through this group, I honestly don't know if I could have done it without everyone here's advise, the wonderful recipes, encouragement, support and ideas on how to make Phase one work.
Much more information here than any one coach can give, and my coach isn't bad or anything, it is just the more people that share their experiences the better!!! Yaa to this formum!!!

So my best advise to your friend is to come here as often as she needs too!!!
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Ohhh that sucks... a bad clinic experience that is, first tip is fire the coach find another one or a different clinic.... get one that you connect with.
Use this forum....
Plan ahead, have extra emergency packs, meal plan ahead makes life so much easier especially as we are all so busy these days
Follow the program to a T.... someone used the quote "dont fail the diet and the diet wont fail you" that is so true.
Get variety in your packs and in your diet, change things up within the guidelines, be creative!!!! I never thought I would eat kale chips.....
Remember that it is also about your health not just weight loss, lots of people have been able to reduce meds or even get off meds, and reduce other health conditions and risks. Becoming hot mama & papas is an added bonus...

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1- hang in there for the first couple of weeks, its very TOUGH
2- your TOM will be wacky
3- ketostix are darker during the first couple of weeks, then not so much
4- start working out as soon as you feel you have the energy to do so
5- first 2 weeks weight loss is huge but then it slows down so don't be discouraged.
6- your blood pressure will be much lower so don't worry.

I have to say that some of these were not advices given to me but things I learnt myself. They were things that made me worry but then I realized they are normal.
this is my re boot tracker:

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My advice: Be creative!

This is not just a diet or a quick fix, it's a lifestyle change. Stick to the program, but have fun with it and learn as much as you can about how to eat healthy without giving up flavor or variety. The biggest challenge with IP is that we seem to have limited choices. Turn that around and see what you can come up with to make every meal interesting and different from the last. That way, when you've moved on to maintenance, you're already in the habit of making smart, but tasty, choices!
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Track your foods. When you have a week of little or no loss, go back and compare your food intake to a week of -5.0 lbs.

And to actually see your food written down helps me not to cheat! Because you have to write that down too.

fitday has a program for free and it will also track your carbs!

Believe in yourself!
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-stick to the plan and you WILL get results

-preparation, preparation, preparation: cut up your veggies and measure your food ahead of time (2 or 3x a week works) to save time cooking when in a hurry/on the go/or really hungry, keep a few hard boiled eggs or pieces of cooked chicken breast on hand in case you need something fast, fill up 3 to 4 liters of water every night for the next day THEN drink them all the next day, pre-measure your salt portion into an empty salt shaker then use it throughout the day to ensure you get the required salt, keep an emergency pack with you when ever you are out (works great at restaurants and friends places too): a to go packet of walden farms salad dressing or dressing you made, a little of the sea salt (real salt), a few of the enzymes and any vitamins you need, some splenda or stevia, a tea bag or two that you like, and one or two IP protein drinks or puddings.

-measure what you eat and drink

-JOURNAL... obsess if you want, write it down, make notes about what, where your were, when you ate, and how you felt all of this could be helpful if you stall

-learn what veggies have high carb values it might be the clue to a slow down

-space your food out if it helps (ip packet, veggies, ip packet and salad, 1 veggie, meal with salad and veggie, ip packet)

-get your sleep... it helps

I think this forum has been great! I know many people aren't joiners but, it wouldn't hurt for someone to read the advice and information here. We really have a great group and so many things come up that someone might want to know.

I don't know where I would be with out this forum. My coach was new when I started. He couldn't give me advise when I started having strange things happen with me, fortunately, others on this forum were talking about the same things! Between that and my Dr assuring me my blood work and health signs were "normal" I was willing to keep going. For me, being around a group of people who were going through what I was and still felt it was "worth doing" kept me from quitting when things got tough. That support is part of why I want to be here, if it weren't for people like Novak, BevS, Torchlaker, Lolita, Mirazon, Josh, Babs, and all the other originals I would have probably been "done", not in a good way, a long time ago. I want to be able to help anyone else who needs that "hug" or "push" at the right time so they can keep going too!

My Progress Photos

Taking this 10 pounds at a time!

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I agree with everything said and I too have really benefited from all the encouragement and advice given on this site.

One thing I do that I haven't heard anyone else offer, is when I come from my meeting each week with my packets, I get out qt size ziploks and put three packets in each one. I lay each day's packets out on the table to see that I am getting a good variety and not eating the same thing each day, then put a day's worth in the ziplok. I also have a restricted every other day, so put a white paper square in the bottom of the restricted ziplok, so I can see it is a restricted bag on sight. Then each morning I just go and pick up my ziplok for the day and I am ready to go.

The planning ahead is what makes the success possible for me. Things are going to happen with a busy schedule, so you must plan for the inevitable. That includes having your veggies cleaned and ready to go. I bought a salad keeper so I mix my lettuces and they are ready for a few days. I have a smaller keeper for the raw veggies that I put on top of my salad.
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